How Do Businesses Profit From The Benefits Of SMS Marketing?

SMS was considered as a “low-tech” and aged communication channel in the past. The power of SMS always got underestimated and limited to communication between individuals. However, currently, there are a lot of businesses out there who are using the benefits of SMS marketing. SMS marketing if used creatively can build a loyal and reliable relationship between your business and your customer.

So, before we start knowing about how to utilize SMS marketing for different sectors. Let’s see what the benefits of SMS marketing are.

Benefits Of SMS Marketing

Benefits Of SMS Marketing Crucial To Your Business

Are you someone who is damn serious about increasing your business revenue?

Whatever be your business, start-up, medium or large, you can use SMS marketing to leverage your brand.

It’s high time you consider embarking on an SMS marketing journey to turn individuals into customers, and occasional customers into loyal clients.

Are you still skeptical about SMS marketing and whether it should be part of your marketing strategy?

Here are some benefits of SMS marketing that will give you the nudge to begin investing in SMS business marketing.

1. Instant Delivery

It takes less than two seconds for a message to reach your target customer’s device from yours.

So, nothing comes first of SMS marketing when it comes to getting your product reach millions.

The immense marketing potential of SMS shows how the right SMS marketing strategy can take you to millions in seconds.

2. High Open rate

Engage with your target audience using SMS marketing to reach out to them at one go.

If you are leaving this opportunity, then you are missing the best chance to create a marketing noise.


Because today, mobile phones have almost become an extension of our hands. 52% of users check their smartphones a few times an hour.

Each open implies that a new customer is getting exposed to your marketing message. Even before customers have time to decide whether to delete or keep an SMS, they’ve already read its content!

In many cases, the text message automatically opens in the display. Thus the open rate of SMS messages is as high as 98%.

3. Easy Opt-in

Unlike other marketing methods where your users need to fill a series of information to be eligible to get updates on products. Easier Opt-in, allows them to enter their number to receive text messages from your company.

These customers have chosen to be a part of your SMS subscriber database.

They have vested themselves in the brand and have permitted your brand to interact with them any time.

So do you know what that means?

Well, it means that if you’re not trying to focus on SMS for business promotions, then you’re going to be falling behind.

No business should ever let this excellent opportunity go.

4. SMS allows personalization

I am sure you will agree that mobile phone is you in the digital space.

Smartphone users have an emotional connect with their device because much personal communication takes place via mobiles.

The opportunity of customizing your promotional message reaching people according to their likes and preferences becomes very easy with the right SMS Marketing plan.

5. Does not require Internet

The last but not the least benefit of SMS Marketing is that it is not dependent on internet connection.

With the growing network charges, the medium comes around as the best option to save users’ incurred cost while making them aware or engaged with the brand.

6. Zero hindrance

SMS gets directly delivered to your inbox, unlike emails that may even land up in spam. With just a press of a key on your computer, the brand reaches its customers, directly.

7. Is very concise

With text messages having 160 characters limit, you don’t have to play around words. It gives you the chance to draft your advertisement in a clear, precise note.

8. Cross-channel promotion

The primary concern for every business owner like you is to drive customers to their business. For this, you use different marketing mediums. Therefore if you want your business to reach the masses, it is not viable for you to stick with just one mode of promotion, you might be active on social media and emails as well. However, how do you make the users aware of your presence in various platforms? By dropping a single text message on their device!

Industries That Are Using SMS marketing To Boost Sales

There are various opportunities in SMS marketing for different sectors to apply and be benefited out of them.

So, nowadays, we are noticing that businesses, irrespective of their market size have started realizing the importance of SMS marketing.

They are efficiently integrating SMS marketing for different sectors into a broader marketing plan.

With the help of a planned SMS marketing mechanization, brands can schedule their text message campaigns.

No matter what company you own, you can maximize the benefits of your SMS marketing by dedicating time to crafting useful messages.

Now, you will agree that the first step in SMS marketing is to identify different market segments and their specific needs.

Analyse customer demographics, invest in an SMS-specific sales marketing team, and promote your SMS campaign throughout your company’s media.

Nearly all industry some way or the other are using SMS marketing to gather leads, and build their brand presence. To validate it, I have compiled a list of 5 industries which by utilizing SMS marketing are increasing their business.


Hospitals, dentists, therapists all need to stay in touch with their clients and patients because it deals with the life expectancy of people.

This is the reason I am mentioning this sector first to use the benefits of SMS marketing. 

Appointment reminders

If there’s any place where the healthcare industry is losing revenue is for missed appointments.

Try implementing SMS marketing to provide your clients with appointment reminders at specific times, like one week or one day before.

A recent study showed using SMS for patient reminders reduces the chances of no-shows and late arrivals.

For example:

appointment reminder

Medication expiration reminders

Consider you have ordered a bottle of eye drop online from a drugstore.

Now, they are likely to have a record of the details of the product.

The chances are that they will try to pitch you in to purchase the product again from them.

Health tips

A dentist has a list of all its patients suffering from dental cavities.

What he can think of doing is utilize SMS marketing for providing tips on how to prevent it.

This is good not only for creating a long-lasting bond with the patient but will also be beneficial for making a positive impression.

It can be something like this.


Health tipsAdditional information about the dosage

Doctors can also provide information about the dosage, and advice via text and healthcare providers can answer patient questions via text.

Provide clients with the means to reschedule or cancel appointments.

Remind clients that they are due for specific check-ups and ask them to make appointments.

Notify patients about test results

Blood tests usually take one daytime to be delivered.

What’s best if you are given the notification of delivery of the reports by SMS!!

These are a few ways in which SMS messaging can increase patient engagement and open channels of communication between you and your healthcare service provider.

Banking, Financial Services & Insurance (BSFI)

I am sure, like me, your life has also become comfortable with monthly installment reminders or SMS confirmation messages when you withdraw money from ATM!

SMS notifications and promotions by banks and finance companies have made transacting with them easy.

Even when you choose a new policy or are opening a new account, SMS alerts keep reminding you of various stages in account opening.

The finance sector is primarily using the benefits of SMS marketing to keep in contact with both prospective and existing clients.

And when it comes to using SMS for business promotion banking and financial services has proved to be a profitable bargain.

So, how is SMS Marketing Used In Financial Services?

Text Notifications

The text alert on any financial transaction, mutual funds, policy installment, or maturation of any of your business asset is termed as transactional SMS.

To make the process transparent, text alerts are used by banks and finance companies.

transnational sms

Advertise New Products And Services

Banks and Finance companies use SMS for business promotion to reach out to their customers informing them about their new products and services.

Proactive support

Customers prefer to interact quick and easy with the support services executives over SMS.

Only because it eliminates the long hours of staying on hold over the phone line waiting for the service providers to take over and cater to their request.

Text messages are nothing less than a boon for the customers when it comes to support services.


Almost all of us has a habit of forgetting things.

So, what’s new in forgetting to pay monthly loan installments?

With SMS business marketing, getting customers to pay their regular premiums and installments has proved to be a blessing for both.

Loan providers can schedule Bulk SMS reminders when their customer’s next payment is due and send any follow-up messages accordingly.

installment reminder

Banks get their money on time, and customers steer clear of the penalty.

Send fraud alert messages

Financial organizations can use SMS to prevent fraud by alerting their clients of any suspicious activity on their account.

For example:

fraud alert messages

This will improve business-customer relationships as clients will be reassured that their money is safely monitored.

Real Estate

Are you a real estate company looking to increase your potential buyers spread?

The competitive real estate business sector must pull out all the stops to remain in business.

Real estate SMS marketing is one of the fastest growing applications of SMS business marketing.

By using SMS messages much can be achieved to provide clients with valuable information.

Real estate SMS marketing has become the most effective medium between the broker and the potential buyer.

Invest in tweaking real estate SMS marketing.

You can optimize your conversion rates and be successful in no time.

It helps to add a competitive edge to your business. Here are some examples

Send reminders about property sales.

Apply SMS for business promotion.

You can be a new real estate agent who has just joined the industry.

Recently you will be having a project ready for sale.

You can start pitching about your enterprise to people through SMS marketing.

This type of SMS marketing for small business is being prevalent lately.

Notification about special offers

It usually happens that during any festival the rates of apartments are reduced.

You can make use of this technique to drive in more leads.

Use SMS’s to alert potential buyers

If you partner with a bulk messaging service provider, they might help you in sending messages to location-specific users.

This will be advantageous for you to target bulk audience.

Use marketing material such as “for sale” boards to provide potential clients with shortcodes that can be used to indicate interest.

real estate sms marketing

Confirm appointments

Suppose you have an online site for renting deluxe apartments.

People visit your website and leave their contact details.

Exploit this technique to convert these customers into potential buyers.

Try to fix an appointment with them.

Send them a message, confirming that their request has been submitted and they will be contacted on the availability of house.


Is your jewelry business running entirely online?

See if you can offer space in your website where your customers can provide their contact information so you can use SMS for business promotion too!

Sale Notifications

Every business all over the world wants to reach their target market. They have some objective, and to achieve this objective; they take help of modern marketing techniques. The technology which can help them to demonstrate their quality of Products & Services they offer.

Send an SMS which lets them know when the next sale is, it may be helpful in acquiring leads.

Alternatively, you can send an “instant sale” SMS, something like “We’re offering a 30% discounted price, but only for the next 5 days!”

sms business promotion

Customer feedback

For businesses, it is vital to ensure that customers are happy.

Ask for additional customer feedback.

Use SMS to conduct polls or contests (or to drive traffic to your social media accounts).

Include URL links

If you include URL links back to your eCommerce site, it will be easier for your customers to revisit your website.

Using this benefit of SMS marketing will garner you an extra edge, mainly because your company doesn’t have a brick and mortar storefront.

Product launch

Announce new product arrivals to your customers as quickly as they arrive in the door.

Let your loyal customers know about a sale you are having.

In fact, it’s a strategy that’s being used for quite some time now; almost every company applies SMS marketing remotely to makes use of “product launch.”

The secret is to get connected with your already interested customers and achieve a boost in your revenue.

Extra Purchases

Suppose a person has bought a pendant, he might also be interested in purchasing a neckpiece.

Although they might not have noticed it yet!

Why let go this opportunity of sending a simple SMS for business promotion!

Let them know that you have another product to accompany your earlier product.

This tactic proves to be one of the best ways to boost your sales.

Billing Invoices

Once someone purchases your product, sending an SMS with an invoice helps keep things simple.

It is one of the best professional gestures you can make using Bulk SMS in the manufacturing industry.


Apparently one of the most revolutionary uses for SMS marketing is in the education sector. Because, now, in the time of the millennials, that’s hooked to their phones at all times, it’s essential that industries outside of marketing realize the potential of SMS.

SMS messaging is the way to attract and retain students and parents across the university, college and school campuses. It provides clarity for all parties and ultimately makes the educational environment more efficient.

Education Institute use these service in many ways. Here are the ways to leverage the benefits of SMS marketing if you’re involved in the education sector.

Parent-teacher meetings

Parents generally have hectic schedules, and it can be easy to forget about meetings.

With the use of text messaging, parents receive timely gentle reminders about upcoming parent-teacher meetings. Also, that, in turn, is good for the development of the students.

Exam reminders

Bulk SMS messages can be used during exam times to remind students of exam dates, exam locations.

It is also an excellent way of informing students of any last minute changes to the exam timetable.

Weather alerts

Try to recall your childhood days.

Remember yourself going to school on a rainy day and realizing that the management has decided to call holiday at the last moment?

It used to be a common thing back then.

It used to mean a lot of wasted resources and was a point of anxiety for parents with younger children.

However, now, with the aid of SMS marketing tactics, it has become quite handy.

SMS messaging can alleviate this by notifying parents and students immediately of any delays, cancellations or closures. Thus they get plenty of time to make alternative arrangements.

Fee reminders

It might have happened that due to some reason, parents have missed submitting the fees of their child.

If you use bulk messaging and send a time-bound message just near to the ending of the month, it might be convenient on the parent’s part.

Win-win situation!

New student recruitment

An SMS campaign can spearhead a new student recruitment drive.

An SMS to prospective students and parents with reminders about application deadlines will make sure they apply.

Essential updates

educational sms marketing

Sometimes situations occur that require urgent attention.

Like if a child gets sick or to inform parents that a child is absent from school.

Parents are far more receptive to an SMS alert than they are to a telephone call.

It also implies that you can reach them quickly with minimal fuss.

Staff contact

If you wish to stay in touch with school staff, use SMS.

It is essential that educational institutions maintain strong relationships with their staff as this directly affects the quality of service.

Deadline reminder

Students have projects to be submitted for their board evaluations.

They might forget the deadline, so one week before the timeline, a reminder can be sent to them.


SMS has transformed into a useful marketing tool over the years.

Whether it’s only texting or bulk SMS marketing, the simplicity of SMS makes it ideal for both businesses and customers.

SMS marketing for different sectors has become the new trend.

It has become very usual for companies to use this marketing form and take full advantage of what SMS has to offer.

SMS marketing is helping businesses to communicate with the broad customer base and drive brand loyalty.

Further, SMS marketing for small business has been seen to perform better in comparison to mobile advertising and social media platforms.

Since the technology continues to rise, it will benefit businesses and the way customers interact with it.

Moreover, if you are not integrating the benefits of SMS marketing within your marketing mix, then you’re failing to take full advantage of this powerful mode of communication.

So, start using the benefits of SMS marketing today and see how it works wonders for your business!

Sreejani Bandopadhyay

Sreejani is a biotechnologist by education. She prioritizes in pushing her limits in the online era with her remarkable rationality. An ardent disciple of contemplation and believer of efficacy while writing. Presently she is tweaking her grey cells emphasizing in content marketing and is eventually mutating into a digital nomad. Is enthusiastic about traveling, as nature gives her positive stimuli.


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