Building Email List With SMS: Here Are The 7 Smartest Ideas For You!

“I want to get more subscribers-what should I do?” It’s a common question. However, the fact is, there’s no sure-shot way of doing that. But again, it’s not very difficult too. Did you ever try building email list with SMS? If your answer is NO, this article will give you enough reasons to try it.

Remember your campaigns (both SMS and email) depend a lot on the data that you collect. And yes, you can no longer use the fishbowl for collecting visiting cards. Just like the world around, your subscribers have evolved and so you should too.

Building Email List

You need to make the process easier and more efficient.

I’m sure you have heard the following on various occasions:

“Type XXX and send it to XXXXX to vote for your favorite contestant.”

“Type XXX and send it to XXXXX to enter into the contest.”

You will often see outdoor ads, which requests people to send a text message to a certain number to get information about a service or product.

Why? It’s because SMSes are very useful in the said scenarios than any other channels!

When you start email marketing, one of the primary objectives will be email list building. The problem with that objective is that online email list building, mostly, depends on the troublesome clipboards/pen or web traffic.

Once you finish reading the article, you’ll know:

How to build your email list fast, how to get free subscribers, and how to get more subscribers fast.

But let’s start with the basic question.

But, is there any better way of email list building offline?

Yes! You can start building email list with SMS.

Text messages can help you grow your email list.

Text messaging can be an excellent call-to-action because it is easy, simple, and everybody has text messaging services on their phone! You should know first what are the SMS marketing success metrics. You can see the effectiveness of your SMS campaigns with the SMS success metrics.

(Bonus point: You don’t have to think of creating a catchy subject line too!)

How can SMS campaigns help in building email list?

It’s true that SMS marketing is different in many ways from email marketing, but it also has some similarities as well. The similarities make SMS marketing the ideal companion to the efforts of your email marketing.

A study conducted in 2013, proved that more than 40% of users accessed their emails via smartphone. The study is old, but the fact is still relevant even in today’s time.

By combining email marketing and SMS marketing, you would be able to fulfill the requirements of the growing mobile audience.

Let’s see why you should consider the email list building with SMS:

SMS marketing is permission-based: You must be thinking how can that be a benefit? It is if you look at it from a different angle. You need permission (opt-in) to text your users. It means that your subscribers have opted for the service. You can use it as an advantage and use it to collect email addresses of your subscribers.

SMSes have a limit of 160 characters: It’s true that you can always string together more than one text message, but it’s not a very good idea.

The idea of limiting your text to 160 characters will make you write a to-the-point and concise message. It will not waste the time of your users, and it will convey the message directly. There will be no unnecessary beating-around-the-bush!

SMSes can be sent more times than emails: If your SMSes are valuable and short, you can send them multiple times. Many business and companies send more than one SMS to their users on the same day. In addition to that, they are opened and read most of the times! Moreover, you know that your text message will reach their inbox, hence they will read it eventually. You can use this to your advantage.

Here’s an example.

Benefits of sending multiple SMSes

In the given screenshot, you can see the sender sent all the text messages on the same day.

7 best ways of email list building with SMS

You have used many strategies to grow your email list. You have used a bowl to collect business cards, used various online channels; but how about using SMS to build an email list!

Here are the 7 brilliant email list building strategies with SMS.

Using opt-ins

There are some useful offline marketing strategies where you can use opt-ins to reel in customers.

Given below is an example.

Here you can see how the cold drinks company used their packaging for attracting new subscribers.

Building email list using opt-ins

You can use such offline opt-in strategies for building email list with SMS.

You can request your customers to provide their email addresses and avail some attractive offers or discounts.

For example, you can ask your customers to SMS their email addresses (instead of any code) to a specific number. To make it worthwhile for them, you can assure great discounts or attractive offers. It will not only just help you in building email list but also in increasing sales.

Using event reminders

When you have a contact list, you can use it for building email list with SMS.

If you have an upcoming event, you can send text messages to your subscribers and remind them about the event. After the event, you can again send them text messages asking to give their email addresses to get pictures, interesting facts, or discussion points of the event.

Suppose, you are organizing an event on a specific topic. You want to invite big companies to your stall. You go ahead and send invitations to them.

Just a day before, you send out reminder SMSes to them. Not only it would serve as a reminder, but you can also verify the number as well.

Given below is an example.

Building email list using event reminders

Given here is a reminder SMS of AdTech 2018. Here the sender used SMS to remind the participants to show the SMS at the venue.

Although, in AdTech 2018, participants registered with their phone numbers and email addresses, you can use it differently.

Here’s how:

While giving away the badges, the participants can be asked to fill a physical sign-up form. The form will have a separate space for email IDs.

To ensure that you get all the email addresses, you can send the participants a text message after the event. You can request their email addresses in exchange for something. For example, their pictures from the seminar or important discussion points of the seminar, etc.

Using grievances/feedbacks

It’s quite common to see brochures/pamphlets of products where there is a number given for feedback or grievances. Similarly, you can use your subscribers’ phone numbers and request them to email you their feedbacks.

To make it more attractive, you can also highlight the offers and discounts in the text message.

Given below is an example.

Building email list using Feedback

You can see how the sender used a text message to ask for feedback. The text message includes an email id where the users can email their feedback.

Additionally, to make it more interesting, they have included discounts that they are offering on airfares.

When the users click on the link, they will have to first sign-up using their email address. It will help the company to get new users on board. At the same time know how people are responding to their brand.

Using discounted offers

You can send your subscribers offers via text messages only if they sign up for your app or website.

Users will have to feed their email addresses to sign up for the app or website.

To make it more alluring, you can give away offers to get them sign up to your website or app.

Given below is an example. In this case, you can see that the sender has used an attractive offer to attract the user.

The user will have to sign up to avail the order.

Building email using discounted offers

Using limited time offers

Another brilliant way of building email list with SMS fast is by giving away time-limited offers.

The advantage of such offers is that users will act fast. It will ensure more participation, and in turn, you will get a good number of sign-ups in less time.

Given below is an example.

You can see the sender used a limited offer to lure in more people.

Building email using limited time offers

Using giveaways

Giveaways are an excellent way for email list building. When someone gets something valuable, without any cost in exchange for just his/her email address, he/she will participate.

You can send text messages to your subscribers, where you will be requesting their email addresses in exchange for giveaways.

Suppose you are a financial aggregator. You can use text messages to request your users to fill in the form along with their email addresses.

Both you and your subscribers know that getting a CIBIL score is not cheap or free! When I get something of that importance and value in exchange for just my email address, I would want to participate.

Given below is an example of SMS that I received from WishFin.

Building email using giveaways

You can see how the sender included a link to their sign-up page. To know my CIBIL score, I will have to click on the link and sign-up using my email addresses.

It’s natural that your users will want to respond as they won’t have to pay anything!

Using membership offers

Text messages can be a very effective tool to grow your email list if you have a club or a gym or an indoor sports club.

Suppose you have a gym, you will have people coming to you, and you will have their mobile number.

You can send them special offers via text message.

Further, you can ask their email addresses to sign up for membership. To make the offer more attractive, you can include some exclusive benefits in the membership plans.

Final thoughts

Hopefully, you can see the actual value that SMS marketing can add to your marketing strategies.

SMS marketing itself is a great way to build your subscriber base. There are a lot of benefits of SMS marketing that makes it an effective marketing tool. You should leverage the benefits of SMS marketing and see your business grow!

If you are serious about getting your business to newer heights, building email list should be on your priority list.

If you have the mobile phone numbers, then it’s up to you how smartly you use them in your email list building strategies!

You can use the 7 brilliant email list building strategies with SMS. The methods are time-tested and very efficient.

You must remember that it will take less than 3 minutes for your users to respond. However, the only condition is that you need to succeed in getting their attention!

Now you can also grow your email list with these email list building strategies.

Hopefully, this will get you thinking and imagine more ways of building email list With SMS.

It will be wonderful if you can share some brilliant ideas that we missed here.

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