How To Boost Real Estate SEO To Achieve Successful Results

While building a real estate business, you need reach, visibility, and accessible to your audience. Real estate SEO is a technique, which allows you to do all of these. Let me elaborate on the requirement for SEO for realtors.

Being a marketer, you know the power of marketing and advertising when you are initiating awareness among your audience. Additionally, several tools and channels allow you to run these campaigns to get quick results.

However, when building your business, you need to focus on long-term goals. Each marketing or advertising campaigns are short-lived. You run these campaigns for some time, and then you have to stop them or optimize them. Moreover, the campaigns cost you huge money too, depending upon the reach and visibility of your marketing needs.

I know what you must be thinking. You wonder whether any strategy can help you to keep on the marketing funnel available to your audience for a longer duration without burning a hole in your pocket.

Well, real estate SEO is the solution that takes care of all these worries. However, being a naturally growing strategy, the time taken for SEO to show the results could be slower than direct advertising.

Real Estate SEO

Now you might wonder again whether SEO is worth the time or not. You might also think that if SEO is a time taking, why do it at all instead of the paid advertising. Let me tell you the reasons, which are self-explanatory so that you can put your doubts to rest forever.

  1. Brand Awareness through the top of the search result ranking
  2. Improves your real estate marketing ROI as your online activities are easier to find
  3. Cost-effective due to extremely low investment cost
  4. Increase in traffic by an increase in your real estate leads through organic search

How to perform effective real estate SEO

You already know that real estate digital marketing services can help you in increasing revenue for your business. Several marketing strategies help you in doing so with a variety of results. You can have a blog, or a website, or use social media.

However, having a website or a blog is the first step towards building your online presence. And to maintain a blog or website and to be found by people, nothing works better than a complete real estate SEO strategy

When it comes to finding real estate SEO strategy no exact method will work. However, a few plans are necessary and are quite useful in ramping up your real estate SEO soon. Check out the best practices of SEO that can help you to improve your reach and visibility while selling your properties.

1. A unique approach to real estate SEO

Although there are several SEO experts out in the market, no one is better than you. Yes, you read that right. In other words, several SEO experts are aware of multiple SEO techniques that boost the ranking of their business on the search engine, but ultimately it is the application of the methods, which matters the most. As you learn the SEO methods, use your own approach to apply them to your real estate business, and you will be amazed to see the results.

Let me elaborate on the facts a bit more. You already know that your real estate business is different from others. You know the salient points of your properties that others don’t have. Moreover, you also know the unique value that your real estate business provides.

Now as an SEO expert, you need to tell the story of how you can give something different to your customers. The search engines, in recent times, have become quite adaptive in understanding the relevance of your website, along with the importance you provide. Therefore, when people search for properties similar to yours, the search engine pushes your rank up to give the people results according to their queries.

Additionally, being unique helps you to stand out among your competitors. It also helps you to display the x-factor of your business, which might provide the hook that your audience might need when they want to buy real estate.

2. Start with a great headline

One of the primary reasons that cause real estate SEO to fail is the inability of the content to gather attention from users. However, without gathering attention, any subsequent interest generation, or lead generation would not be quite as capable.

When someone is searching for real estate on the internet, the first thing that attracts the users is the name of the blog or the website. People skim through the names displayed as a search result and then decide to click on the site that they find relevant according to their needs.

Therefore, to make people click on your website, you need to make it attractive. The search results and the names of the content are better known as the ‘Headline,’ and it plays a significant role in determining your real estate SEO.

Unless your headline is catchy and attractive and is relevant to the user query, the chances that it will go unnoticed is quite high. Moreover, search engine results rank the page according to many factors, among which the number of visitors your website gets is a crucial factor. Furthermore, a catchy headline is essentially a necessity as it tells the users about what you are providing.

Also, an inspiring headline is crucial for the search engine too. Therefore, you cannot scale up your real estate SEO without a headline that invokes emotions in people.

3. Research accurate keyword for real estate

When people look for real estate online, they type certain words in the search box of the search engine. The search engine then relays the result according to the query. The words are known as keywords and the primary factor that affects your real estate SEO.

To improve real estate SEO, your content must have enough keywords. However, including only the keywords but no other relevant content is not right either. Too many keywords make the search engine crawlers suspicious of your activity. It considers it as only a means to rank up, without providing useful content.

To solve the issue, include other variations of keywords. You can include the synonyms of the primary keywords too in a relevant manner. In other words, the keywords should not look forcefully inserted.

For instance, while writing a real estate content, selling a property in a certain area, you write about the importance of your real estate in that area. You wrote the content describing the status of the locality, and the relevance of your property. You say about the specialty of the location, and relate your real estate to it.

When you build up the content, you can naturally write about real estate. You do not insert keywords like ‘real estate,’ ‘property,’ or ‘house in that location.’ Therefore, the search engine will see it as a highly relevant piece of content, and rank it up in the search results, once someone is looking for real estate similar to the one you are providing.

However, if your content is with the keywords only, forcing them too many times, your rank goes down, due to keyword spamming.

Ideally, maintain the density of your primary keywords at 1% for effective results. Use the relevant keywords with your content to improve your real estate SEO.

4. Promote content formats across platforms

Creating real estate content that invokes emotion in your audience is a necessity. However, you must put equal importance on promoting the content to your audience. Without anyone to see your content, you cannot expect them to convert into leads and customers.

While promoting your content, you must remember another fact too. You must create different content formats across the channels according to the buyers’ persona. These formats practically tell the same story but appeal to the audience in a way that they can relate to.

Let’s take the real estate example from the previous point. You wrote a blog with a great headline and included the keywords accurately. You promote the content across the platforms and channels for maximum visibility, yet the audience response was lower than what you expected.

So, what went wrong? Well, maybe the audience you chose prefers the visual description of the property, rather than reading about it. If you have made a slideshow having images of the location and property, the audience may have been more interested. A video tour of the property in some other platform could have worked even more.

As you see, all of these content tells the same story, but in different ways. Your audience is human, so they respond differently to different stimuli. Some may like reading, while others may get more excited by a video. You cannot rely on a single format for all the emotions in your audience.

Moreover, different content formats give your real estate SEO an immediate boost. Since the story you use is the same, so are the keywords. It increases the keyword density and relevance of your website without resulting in keyword spamming. More keywords, relevant content, and multiple formats can ramp up your real estate SEO faster than you imagine.

5. Make your website mobile-friendly

The world of marketing has seen a significant change when it comes to accessibility and reaches through the internet. Mobile phones and fast mobile internet is responsible for more and more content being viewed through mobile devices. When you want to stay relevant, you must make your website mobile compliant too.

Mobile-friendly doesn’t mean creating two different websites for your real estate business. It means that the site should be made so that it fits all screen sizes equally well. Without the mobile-friendly version, your audience will have to scroll in a different direction to view your content. The Mobile version solves the issue by adjusting every element on the page according to the screen size.

As the webpage becomes easily navigable on mobile devices, the visitors spend more time checking through the content. You already know that more visitors translate to better page rank, and increase in the real estate SEO rank.

6. Using interlinks and backlinks

Sometime it may happen that when you are creating content, you have to use some references. These references can come from another source in your own website, or from some other sites. Linking them appropriately with the relevant words, sentence, or sections improves your real estate SEO by quite some notches.

Let me elaborate. Suppose you want to tell people about some government policies regarding the housing scheme. However, the explanation is only required because you want to make your business relevant to it. Therefore, instead of writing a full detailed report, you can redirect your traffic to the original policy by including an external link in your text. This technique is called external linking. It helps if you if the website you are linking has a better rank than yours’.

Similarly, if you want to refer to some old blog posts that you already have on your blogs, you can internally link it to the recent content. Your real estate content will be much more productive with the inclusion of the internal links without being repetitive.

However, providing too many links is not advisable also. It dilutes the reason that you are writing the new posts without providing any additional value. Use these links wisely to boost your real estate SEO.

Improving real estate SEO

There are several real estate marketing ideas that help you to increase your revenue through sales. These ideas can give you reach, visibility, and exposure. However, they are short-lived and would cost you money.

Real estate SEO is a technique that can skyrocket your business, provided you do it right. It does not require much financial investment, therefore, it increases your ROI efficiently. Moreover, SEO helps you to put your real estate business on the top of the search result, thus giving you more options to get leads and convert them in later stages.

The real estate SEO techniques mentioned here are useful in putting your business at the top of the internet search. These are easy to learn and follow and don’t needs spending on the money.

Let us know what SEO techniques you use to make your real estate business more prominent. Leave us a comment below.

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A former metallurgical engineer, Sandip switched to be a digital marketer and writer. In Way2Online, he authors in-depth guides and articles that tell about the various digital marketing techniques, to help entrepreneurs and marketers to grow and improve their business. He likes to spend his leisure by reading books, watching movies, and making music.


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