How To Drive Mobile App Optimization With Help Of Remarkable Tools

Are you confused, while figuring out which mobile app strategy to use to enhance mobile app optimization?

Are you aiming at calculating analytics, mobile app monetization, or target easy app discovery?

It’s not only you who is facing this dilemma.


Developing an app for your business is a substantial investment. So your focus must be on growing your mobile app rapidly and you need to be attempting every channel. Because in actuality, the tactics are multiple.

Coming up with a more coherent plan in your mind and utilizing the right tools will make your app achieve success accurately.

So, for your comfort, I have made a tailor-made analytic blueprint. It comprises of a storehouse of tools, which are revolving around the app marketing cycle.

Mobile App Optimization

Eventually, these insights will give you apparent know-how on most significant tools that will project your app exclusively.

App store optimization

Marketing an app before launch will create anticipation.

Considering this as an initial strategy might prove to be beneficial at the outset.

People always tend to love the newest and latest app on the market.

You should realize that half of the users search for an app on a need basis. Automating your app growth should be your priority. Higher ratings denote a higher rank and that is vital as up to 34% of app store users find apps through top search results lists.

Although ASO is such a popular mobile app strategy, still it remains unused by many app developers.

Currently, this mobile app strategy is a now or never tactic. Below is an illustration based on a survey by TUNE (2016), half of all apps are discovered through app store search results.

How apps are discovered by users

Thus, you have to understand the algorithm and know how some specific apps in search results rank.

Your primary focus must be to make the app more visible in the store and to enhance its discoverability.

Maintain a track of the keywords, ratings, tags, screenshots, app title, etc.

If you nail this technique, users will quickly find your app in the store, and consequently, the number of downloads will grow.

The tool that can be of your help is Sensor Tower. Take advantage of this incredibly cost-effective technique to increase visibility. Sensor Tower is a pivotal player in app optimization game. It is an amalgamation of app store optimization and app industry intelligence. It helps marketers with daily revenue reports, keyword selection based on SEO, track competition and review performance.

app store analytics

Source: Sensor Tower

Language Localization

Today, there is an app for every need of the user.

In such a scenario you need to be attentive in thinking about the extra edge in mobile app strategy.  

Does your app really require to have mobile app localization?

According to a study conducted by European Commission (2016) over internet users. The research puts forth interesting findings in favor of mobile app localization. About 90% of users over the internet indicated that if given a choice they would always prefer to go with their own language.

If you have decided that you want your app to speak to the global market. It goes without saying that you’ll have to reach the largest audience possible.

Try to identify who your ideal users could be, why they should download the app, and how to encourage them to do so.

Make sure that your app is in multiple languages. This will help you in creating a unique factor than rest of your competitors.

common internet languages statistics

Source: Statista

Applingua supports almost every language. They localize app store descriptions and other metadata too. It is the world’s most accessible app translation service. They offer full end-to-end localization support to developers wanting to increase their market presence worldwide. The primary purpose behind Applingua is to provide a service that gets the terminology not only right but also fully understands the development process by delivering on-time, affordable translations.

Easy onboarding

Don’t let signing up become a hurdle for users to register to your app. Try to make it quick by requiring a minimum checklist. Your target should be towards implementing a robust onboarding to accelerate mobile app optimization.

Implement options for signing up with social media platforms as well. It will in-turn create a sense of relief for hasty users.

Appcues is a handy tool helping app marketers in designing, creating and publishing an onboarding experience without any coding. The platform can be synced with services like Google Analytics, Hubspot, and Kissmetrics. Appcues offers a powerful segmentation platform for marketers as well. Though the product is web oriented now, it is very positive for its mobile launch.

App monetization

Ad monetization is defined as making money from a mobile app without charging users for it. All in all, you should know some key points to make mobile advertising awesome. If you don’t include ads in your app, you are lagging behind your competitors in respect to revenue generated by mobile app monetization.

Everything has become digital nowadays. Similarly, digital advertising through mobile apps has bridged the communication between advertisers and consumers dramatically.

This is primarily influenced by the amount of time people spend on their phones. Reports by reveal that an average person spends at least 90 minutes a day on the phone which is equivalent to 23 days a year

An example of mobile app monetization platform is Flurry. The X factor of flurry is that it sets itself aside from competitors with the aid of an innovative analytics system. Publishers are enabled to trace and monitor a portfolio of apps distributed on entirely different stores.

app monetization statistics

Flurry permits exhaustive performance analysis and successfully measures consumer conversion metrics. Flurry shows excellent potential for top revenues with their intensive analytics options.

If you have got the patience to optimize and take a look at your ad campaigns over and over, you are sure to build some incredibly attention-grabbing observations with Flurry.

Mobile app A/B testing

When you are running a campaign, it will guide you to pinpoint the messaging and features driving engagement and conversion.

For example, you should use mobile app A/B testing, for a call to action. As to see what compels users to move through your crucial app funnels. You can also implement different push and in-app offers to see which are drive higher conversion rates. The more in-app activity and conversion actions a user has, the more adhesive your app becomes to them.

Optimizely is one of the premier tools in the industry when it comes to mobile app A/B testing. It provides you a whole lot of features for testing like User permission testing, user interaction testing.

Tracking In-App events

Identification of all in-app user behavior to quickly determine app performance is a must. You might need to take action to improve retention. Emphasis should be given to value proposition. It’s of utmost importance that you know where you are losing users. It can be the landing page which is not able to retain users or maybe troublesome user onboarding.

At this juncture, you need a tool like Countly. It is a great mobile app optimization tool that lets you measure the overall effectiveness of the app based on your user’s experiences.

It helps you monitor the user’s activity flow inside the mobile application. Further, you can get a better idea of the user experience for your app. i.e., drop-off points, etc.

This data eventually helps you to identify the good and bad aspects of your app. Where you need to give attention to increase the conversion of your goals.tracking in-app events

Source: Countly

Mobile app strategy measuring analytics

Your ultimate goal will be measuring the outcome of your effort. Thus, before choosing an analytics program, it’s vital to evaluate what it is that parameter you want to achieve.

Since a chunk of the population is always hooked onto mobile phones and applications; businesses need to comprehend how precisely customers are utilizing the mobile sites.

Hence, mobile analytics tools come into rescue as they are specifically designed to decode the code.

Start building a niche, if you desire to stand out in this cutthroat market. It’s elementary for the survival of your app these days.

In this field, App Annie provides you an accurate estimate of revenue generated by an app, through its store intelligence feature. App Annie is not only a great tool to do market research, but it also validates your app idea. It helps you to identify growth models, app downloads, revenue, and usage and makes changes consequently. App Annie also offers analytics support for generic and mobile advertising.

AppVirality download metrics

Source: Gigaom

App growth based on downloads

Virality is a factor of the Lifetime User Value metric. It evaluates data points to see how often users organically share your application with their friends. However, in-app referrals are such an essential factor in the overall success of your app that you should also track them separately.

AppVirality provides app developers a unique approach to increase app downloads, through In-app referrals.

Tracking referral codes and success rates are of critical importance to your success. Not only should you monitor it, but actively encourage it and then follow the success rate of that campaign.

AppVirality Marketing Blog

Source: AppVirality Marketing Blog

AppVirality offers a unique dashboard to its users to track downloads from these referrals. App marketers can check metrics like installs, invites, revenue, and clicks. At the same time, AppVirality offers an element of personalization in its onboarding to increase sign up and sales.

Final Takeaway

Do not forget to objectify your goals before launching your app, and track your success!

Mobile app performance is directly related to specific mobile app strategies affecting retention rate, installs and lastly revenue. If you can track these statistics effectively, you can easily succeed by reaching your targeted audience.

You have to explore what your users want and how best you can achieve it. It is tough to review all exclusive existing tools individually. Hence, we decided on the premier ones based on their delivery.

Additionally, these mobile app optimization tools are affordable and provide the most necessary features supporting the App Store and the Google Play Store.

With this all-round information, you might save some time in choosing the mobile app optimization tool that is right for you. Consequently, you are bound to find the perfect partner in one of these tools for mobile app optimization.

If you feel we have missed any tool that helps you to improve mobile app optimization, do share with us.

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