Use Real Estate Digital Marketing Services To Boost Your Conversions

Gone are the days when you could depend only on the traditional newspaper advertisements or such marketing techniques to generate conversions for your real estate business. The world is moving online fast, but if you are not, you are risking the pace at which your company expand. The best thing that you can do to counter the situation is by using real estate digital marketing services.

Here are the few facts for you to understand the potential of real estate digital marketing services.

Real Estate Digital Marketing Services

Studies show that almost 44% of home buyers checked properties for sale online in 2016.

Moreover, 13% of people tried to find out the information about the home buying process on the internet.

Additionally, 70% of people prefer online content over paid advertisements while they try to know about a real estate company.

The demand for online interaction is increasing at a fast rate. Real estate digital marketing services can help you to reach out to these people with more relevance so that the conversion process becomes more comfortable for both the parties.

You must be wondering now about why you need digital marketing in real estate and use it to unleash your potential. Check out the following real estate digital marketing services to leverage the biggest marketplace on earth: the internet.


1. Build a website with real estate digital marketing services

The first thing that you will need on your journey towards the real estate digital marketing services is a website. A site gives you the brand identity, brand visibility, and help you acquire leads.

Your website must be responsive, and perform smoothly across platforms like desktop, mobile phones, and tablets. It should also work seamlessly on Operating systems like Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS. Further, you must optimize the page load speed while designing the website,

You must also use real estate digital marketing services to create the site in such a way that it is not filled up with junk content. Check if the properties or the content displayed on the website is haphazard. A bad design can affect you negatively as the people visiting your site may quickly lose their way around the webpage.

Additionally, include a sign-up form on the landing page of the website. It will help you to gather the relevant details of the people visiting you and willing to buy a property from you.

Look at the following website that uses the power of real estate digital marketing services. It has all the component necessary for a responsive website. It has an informative property listing and a contact details page. A page displaying the awards and accolades is also present, which adds to the trust factor.

Build Website - real estate digital marketing services

Thus, any visitor would have a clear idea of who they are dealing with and their reputation. Build your website in such a way that it would impress the potential buyers from the first instance.

2. Use Real Estate Digital Marketing Services to Maintain a blog

Maintaining a company website is great, but keeping a blog is another great way that you can use to unleash your real estate digital marketing services potential. An active blog gives you a massive advantage over your competitors. It increases your search engine as well as social media visibility immensely.

Use your blog to post content about different real estate related articles. It is a great way to make the visitors to trust you as a thought leader in the real estate business. You can also share updates related to the real estate sector and how they impact the property buyers.

Additionally, you can include the prices of properties in a particular location. Compare it along with the amount you are offering for a property there. It can help the customers to make a faster decision as they will be able to compare the property cost easily.

Take the following screenshot as an example. You will find that the blog contains several blog posts on topics like home art, home rental, and so on. None of the posts is intended to market any specific property.

Maintain blog - real estate digital marketing services

However, the blog posts speak about the benefits of having a home. It also uses various posts to arouse curiosity among the readers about the things that they can do if they buy a house. A constant supply of such post is very effective in generating interest in the reader’s’ mind about owning property.

Moreover, maintaining a blog is beneficial for you as it helps in optimizing the SEO of your blog and website. An improved SEO can drive massive traffic from the search engine to your site due to improved Google page rank.

3. Send out targeted email campaigns

Email marketing is an essential component of real estate digital marketing services. You can send out emails to your potential prospects to engage them. You can tell them about the latest developments related to your business through scheduled emails. Moreover, you can send out offers on properties, invite them to an event, and much more.

With email marketing, you can segment your subscribers based on demographics, location, annual income, and age. You can then send out automated emails with relevant content to the prospective buyers to engage them.

The automated emails are immensely helpful in nurturing the potential customers. Targeting the subscribers with relevant content through emails can build their intent quickly.

For instance, suppose you wrote a great article in your blog that speaks about the current home loan trends, and how people can benefit from it if they buy a property from you.

Now, unless you make your prospective buyers aware of the blog post, they may not come to know about it. However, if you send your subscribers an email with the link to the blog post, the chances that they will read it increases. So, the intention of buying a property improves among the most serious buyers.

The above example does not make about making a direct sales pitch to your subscribers. However, nurturing the leads with relevant information builds the intent, which allows making more sales.

You can send out newsletter regarding real estate sector too. The newsletter can be a useful tool to gauge your customers’ interest and preference. You can analyze your customers’ preferences by the way they interact with the email you send them and design your campaigns using the data using real estate digital marketing services.

4. Use analytics tools for real estate digital marketing services

One big positive that real estate digital marketing services has, is the ability to measure them. You can analyze the impact of your real estate digital marketing services campaigns through hard numbers and find out the leads acquired as well as the conversions achieved.

Tools like webmasters tool and the Google analytics help you to measure the impact of your website and blog. You can check the number of visitors to your site, the properties they interacted with, and much more.

Knowing these statistics allows you to nurture your visitor’s intentions by providing with relevant content related to real estate. For example, if the tools indicate your visitor’s interest in a certain type of property or location, you can start a similar project if you have the required resources.

Email marketing, allows you to get an understanding of your customer’s behavior. Metrics like open rates, clickthrough rates, and engagement ratio helps you to target your audience better by optimizing the emails.

Check out the email marketing campaign of the home loan trends blog post. When you send out the email, it would be reaching many recipients. But, only a few might be looking to buy a property as soon as they can. So, they are the people most likely to open the email to check its content.

However, there could be other subscribers who are interested in buying a property, but not anytime soon. They are the people who may or may not open the email to check the content. Analytics tools help you to identify these people so that you can build their intention in some other way.

Almost all of the real estate digital marketing services channels allow you to track the metrics. You must keep observing the numbers, and take adequate steps to improve your campaigns.

5. Audience targeting with relevant ads using real estate digital marketing services

Advertisements are one of the important technique of marketing that is used for decades. With real estate digital marketing services, you can use the same method, but in a more targeted way.

You can leverage the power of search engines, the social media, and email campaigns to launch different sales drive and advertise your property.

You can also use the keywords efficiently according to your keyword research, and target them to the relevant audience using Adwords. These digital ads are displayed to the concerned people, i.e., people who are already looking to buy a property. So, the intention is already present in your audience, which is further boosted if you use real estate digital marketing services. These techniques like Adwords, Facebook ads, and LinkedIn ads can be targeted according to the different categories too.

Let me give you an example. Targeting a millionaire with a property worth of few lakhs might not interest him. However, displaying a property worth crores in a desirable location, having multiple features, can make him curious. Additionally, you can track his activity related to the ad whenever you want.

Now, compare the same advertising through traditional media. Even if you put a giant billboard in front of the house of the said millionaire, or send him newspaper ads, you can never be sure if he even saw the ad. You can only assume that he might have seen the ad and hope for his inquiry call.

6. Have a healthy social media engagement to boost real estate sales

If you think that using social media is not relevant to the real estate sector, you must consider again. Social media platforms like Facebook has a user database of over 2.2 billion as of the year 2017. Knowing how to leverage this huge audience using real estate digital marketing services can help you to sell your faster than you have ever imagined.

The social media channels enable you to target your audience with their specific needs. You can post photos, videos or other content and share it through social media. The social media platforms can also be used for announcing property updates, or company updates. Use different posts to interact with your connections or followers. It will help you to understand their requirement and solve their doubts, which is essential to retain the interest of the potential buyers.

When you interact through the social media, it creates transparency with the people communicating. Even the passive visitors can see the comments and the reactions of the active members.

For instance, when you start a new project or venture, you can post a synopsis of the property in social media. You can reach a massive audience very shortly, without even having to spend any money. Moreover, people can share your social media content to people connected to them, thus giving you instant visibility and reach.

So these inactive, or passive members can get influenced by the general impression of your page. Building a healthy relationship with your social followers allow you to improve your business massively.

7. Nurture the customer and build a relationship

Most of the realtors think that the customers’ journey begins at the awareness stage, and gets completed after the purchase is over. However, have you thought about the need to keep them engaged?

Keeping your customers happy is most important when you are in real estate. It helps you to optimize your marketing funnel. A healthy relationship with your customers can provide you with personalized prospects such as their family members, friends, or neighbors. These are the bonus leads that come to you. Moreover, you don’t need to spend any extra portion of the marketing budget on them.

Moreover, these leads are faster to close. People who are already your customers can convince the people around them if they are and happy. Thus, you can expect to close in on deals real fast, if the new prospects are looking to buy a property according to their requirements.

So, keep your customers engaged through the after-sales marketing drives like drip email campaigns, tagging in social networks, or any other method. These emails can be automated, thus reducing your time and efforts too. Ultimately, it is the people’s trust that will boost your revenue. Moreover, these real estate digital marketing services are helpful in creating a better marketing scenario for you with loyal customers.


Do you know that almost 93% of all the top realtors have a website and only 5% of do not have one?  Also, studies have shown that nearly 94% of the top realtors use email as their primary mode of communication and 26% prefer mails over the post. These facts show that the real estate sector is going digital more efficiently now than ever to get an edge over their competitors.

Real estate digital marketing services ease your efforts in reaching people. It also helps you to market your property by targeting them more accurately and helps to build the intent of buying in them. The above techniques can get you started with digital and soon you will realize the potential of using them.

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