Is Birthday Marketing Really Powerful To Boost Your Brand Value

Every business strives to boost the brand value of their company. You, as a marketer, play a critical role in making every move work in perfect sync. However, sometimes you need to go beyond the obvious to get attention from your subscribers and customers. Birthday marketing can be a useful technique that can help you to leverage the emotions of your subscribers so that you can connect better with them.

Well, if you have started to worry about the word birthday marketing, stop now. The article will be explaining everything you want to know about the term and the methods of doing it rightly.

Birthday Marketing

However, before you get confused about the variations in birthday marketing, let us check the basics of such techniques.

What can birthday marketing do?

There are quite a few numbers of occasions and events spread across your calendar, but the one, which excites people mostly, is your birthday. It is an occasion that keeps you motivated throughout the day.

The same is true for your customers as well. They want to be cared for, and to be noticed. It means you have one day in the whole year to make a significant impact on the customer other than the remaining 364 days.

You can use multiple marketing techniques to garner their interest and reform their purchasing behavior. The thing that matters is sending the right message to the right person at the right time.

A birthday marketing campaign is no different from a standard marketing campaign, barring a few points. It depends on reaching out to the customers on their birthday through customized communication. The mode of communicating with your consumers could be text messages, or emails, or both.

Birthday marketing looks to engage consumers on their birthday, as people tend to spend more during their birthday. Moreover, people tend to be more loyal to the brand, which wishes them on their birthdays. The statistics stand at 92% for the age group 25 to 34 and 73% for people more than 55 years of age.

However, while sending a personalized email or a text message you need to take care of the basics. In other words, marketing on birthdays gives you an extra opportunity to target your audience more accurately. When you follow the basic rules of marketing communication, you can boost your sales by quite a margin.

In fact, birthday emails stand at a staggering 481% higher transaction rate and 342% higher revenue per email than promotional emails.

How do you do birthday marketing?

Since birthday marketing is not different from standard online marketing and it dwells upon the basics of online marketing, leveraging the emotional quotient of the subscribers is essential. Since people look forward to their birthdays, you can get into the scheme of things very quickly.

Birthdays mean a person will spend money on himself. It could be by visiting a salon or a restaurant, a zoo or a museum, or even a movie. He/she might also buy a few clothes or a gift to remember the day. This is where you pitch in. If you can make the customer aware of an exclusive deal, which you are willing to give it on his/her birthday, most likely he will take the offer.

Remember, birthdays are occasions for festivities, so you must leverage the emotional quotient of the person when you communicate with him. A person remains high on emotions on his birthdays. A marketing message through an email or an SMS can do wonders to your sales figures if you do it correctly.

Birthday marketing channels that effectively promote your brands/products/ services

If you are wondering about finding any pointers to guide you to the perfect birthday marketing techniques, you are not alone. However, most of us have already seen how personalized birthday wishes look like.

Let me elaborate. Do you recall the video posted by Facebook on your wall on your birthday? When you look at it, doesn’t it feel good? So, now you can imagine the excitement of your subscribers if you do something similar for them. Currently, Facebook the only company to do this kind of birthday personalization.

However, performing such tactics could be very tough. Also, when you track the metrics of your campaigns and look at the conversions, you can seldom be sure that the leads converted due to your birthday marketing campaigns. Moreover, targeting the right audience with the right kind of message is difficult, as knowing every demographics details is very difficult. Also, invoking the emotions in leads, which are essential for converting them into customers is not that easy.

Birthday marketing tools

How do you take care of every small detail while preparing your birthday marketing campaigns? Is there any product on which you can rely on to perform such diverse activities? And more importantly, is there something better than Facebook, the social networking giant does? Remember, though Facebook displays birthday messages to its users, they do not use email as a mode of communication.

This is where products like Way2Target can be helpful if you want to carry out an effective birthday marketing campaign. They make your marketing communication better with relevant and personalized content to your subscribers. These products also offer compelling and effective CTA, thus optimizing your marketing funnel.

Moreover,  you can reach more lakhs of people daily, and crores of people throughout the year. In general, CTRs in email touches 23% and 11% in SMS sent on birthdays, due to the high emotional value.

In fact, the tools are much more suited towards your marketing needs. When Facebook displays its birthday message, you have to log in to your account to view the message. Moreover, you can not be sure about the level of engagement the users have when they see the message by Facebook.

However, tools like Way2Target help you to target your users through multiple dimensions. As you can target your subscribers directly, the accuracy of engaging the user’s increases, with guaranteed delivery. Though emails require logging in to the respective accounts, a timely SMS makes sure that your message reaches the person you want to focus and keep him engaged.

Let me give you some examples of marketing correspondence and the thought process behind them. Primarily communication message sent via the email and SMS tops the chart of most marketers.

Birthday Email Marketing

When you draft a marketing email, you know how to make it convincing using personalization. You can personalize an email by addressing the recipient by the first name, or by sending a customized message. However, what works most is offering the person a gift through the email you sent.  It can be a discount coupon, designed specially to be redeemed on their birthday, or a free gift, or some other services.

Check out the example below to understand how a birthday email look.

Birthday Email Marketing

You can use something similar in your emails too, to make it more interactive. However, stick to a few basic techniques before you click the send button

1. Send the marketing email on the actual birthdate. The date and timing play a vital role in deciding the success of the birthday marketing campaign.

2. Follow up with the subscriber with another email after you send the first email. However, you must submit the second email only if he has not opened the first email. The follow-up email reminds your customer to take the deal which he could have missed in the first place.

3. Keep the message short and crisp. Write your subject line and text personalized so that the recipient can connect to it immediately on receiving it.

4. Include a call-to-action (CTA) button in your email. Make sure it stands out in the background and is clearly visible.

5. Use email automation when sending out the birthday emails. You can set the calendar on the email automation tool and target the relevant subscribers on their birthdays.

With customized and personalized messages, Way2Target helps you to send marketing emails better than any automation tools.

Birthday SMS marketing

Sending out birthday SMS campaigns is similar in fashion to the birthday email campaign works. You must make your SMS subscribers feel special on their birthday by sending out generic birthday wishes along with some offers. SMS has an open rate of 98%, so the person receiving it is most likely to open it. When he/she finds that you are letting him cherish his birthday by sending him some gift, most likely he will engage with it readily.

To know the success rate of your SMS campaigns, you check your SMS marketing metrics.  Run the same checks before and after the birthday of a user, after you have sent a birthday SMS to the customers. The open rates, CTRs, engagement rates, and other metrics can show you if your SMS has been able to engage your recipient.

When you compare the SMS metrics before and after the birthday marketing campaigns it will show you the difference between the engagement rate of your subscribers. Knowing the measurable part of your SMS would be helpful for designing future campaigns too.

Check out the following SMS, which I received on my birthday. I found the offer suited to me, so I took it. However, if the same offer was made to me on some other day, I might have ignored the message even after opening it.

Birthday SMS marketing

The SMS sent by Way2Target gives you guaranteed reach, with personalized messages and at a pre-planned timing, thus ensuring the success of your campaigns.


American poet Maya Angelou once said that people would forget what you said, and forget what you did, but would always remember how you made them feel. Birthday marketing is a method that helps you to follow the same philosophy.

Birthday marketing allows you communicate with your subscribers when they are happiest, or most relaxed – their birthday. Also, Way2Target helps you to bank on the positive emotions of the subscribers on their birthday with logic to extract loyalty from them.

All the birthday emails you send and birthday promotions you do during their birthday makes them feel special and attracts them towards your business faster.

Moreover, it shows them that you value them as your subscribers. It also conveys the message that you might be a big brand, but still, you took out some time to remember them on their special day.

I am sure you will find the tactics mentioned in this article useful while planning your next campaigns. Moreover, you can understand the power of birthday marketing campaigns by looking at the sheer value it generates. If you are not doing it, you must step up now and start your birthday marketing campaigns as soon as you can.

Do share the success stories of your birthday email marketing campaigns and text messages, in the comments section.

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