Do You Know The Best Day And Time To Send Marketing Emails?

Did you ever try to know what the best day and time to send marketing emails is?

Timing is certainly an important factor in your email marketing strategies.

If someone questions, you would probably say “Tuesday and Thursday between 8 and 10 in the morning”  It’s a popular email myth! There are many email marketing myths that can stop you from getting desired results. therefore, it’s important that you know which are email marketing myths and which are facts.

It has been a common belief that most of the users read the emails between 8 am to 10 am.

But the truth is different.

As more and more users are now smartphone dependents, they open emails at all hours. There cannot be a fixed best day and time to send marketing emails!

Best Day & Time To Send Marketing Emails

But how would you identify the best time to send an email to get a response?

Is there a best time to send business email?

You are interested to know the best time to send newsletter or business emails because you want more click-throughs and improve your open rates.

This article will help you understand the significance of date and time while sending out emails.

Additionally, this post will also tell you how time and date can have an impact on your email campaigns.

What do the studies say?

What is so interesting about the email marketing surveys or studies is that the result varies in some cases. If you look at any studies that analyzed the effect of sending emails at a different time, you can feel a bit confused.

However, you should learn from the case studies because they will give you a clear picture.

You will find the date to be diverse. However, you will realize that there are essential dots to connect that will help you understand the best day and time to send marketing emails.

Here are they:

Best day and time to send email campaign

(Source: MailChimp)

In the year 2013, MailChimp started the “Send Time Optimization” feature, designed by “Email Genome Project.”

Send Time Optimization feature does what every marketer wants! It suggests the best day and time to send marketing emails.

The MailChimp app has a feature called “send time scheduling”, which provides you a direct recommendation. It tells you the best time of day to send sales emails or newsletters. The recommended time will be within 24 hours from the delivery date that you select.

The primary objective is to predict a time that can ensure maximum click-through rate.

How does it work?

MailChimp has more than 4 million users. They look at the engagement of each email address and decide the best time to send business email to you.

The recommended time to send an email blast can change dynamically with new data rolling in across MailChimp’s ecosystem. Therefore, recommendations can vary.

The model chooses the ideal time to send a business email that has a brilliant click-to-send ratio, instead of selecting a time slot where the number of clicks is highest.

While calculating the ideal time to send an email campaign, the model takes into account the previous time slots. Take a look at the charts given below.

In this scenario, the number of clicks is more at 6 pm, which signifies the clicks made by the subscribers at that specific time is the highest.

Clicks on Top of Sends

Now take a look at the second chart. You will find that there is a delay between the email sent and it was clicked. It also tells us that since subscribers are engaging with the content at 6 pm, the ideal time to send the email is at 1 pm.

email clicks separated from sends

In both the cases, the preferable time is 6 pm. However, the calculation says that the sending time is different.

“Send Time Optimization” can help you figure out an ideal time to send email blast. However, the best day and time to send marketing emails depends mainly on you and your content.

But is there anything else that can help you understand what can be the best day and time to send marketing emails?

Let’s see what the next study says.

The best day to send email campaign

(Source: Experian)

Although there cannot be one specific “special” day to send emails, there can be days when your subscribers are more active. It depends on how well you know your subscribers. However, you can always get an understanding of a time when users are most active.

Here are some studies made by Experian that can act as one comprehensive guide to choose the best day for sending out business emails.

The best day to send email campaign

If someone asks you which day you think could be the best day to send marketing emails? The chances are high that you will say Tuesday. You are not alone.

Many people believe that the weekend’s happiness affects Monday, so on Tuesday the reality finally settles in.

Experian did a study in 2013 that proved that Tuesday is the most preferred day to send out emails.

The study says more than 17 percent of total emails worldwide were sent out on Tuesday!

The best day to send email campaign

On Tuesdays, emails have open rates of almost 18 percent, the highest as compared to other weekdays. However, Saturdays have the overall highest open rates, even though the volume of emails sent on Saturdays are low. Therefore, the winner is Tuesday!

Best time to send email blast

The time is also an influential factor, just like the days.

If you think that most people read your emails in the morning, then the following study will surprise you!

Experian conducted a study and found that the highest open rates of emails are in the afternoon!

Best time to send email blast

Best time to send an email to get a response

Experian collected data from one client-wide survey to determine the ideal time to send emails. It revealed that most of the emails are sent out from 8 am to 12 pm. Further, it showed that the engagement rates are the highest between 8 pm to 12 am!

Best time to send an email to get a response

Your emails’ timings is undoubtedly a crucial component of your email personalization strategies. There are many email personalization tips that will improve your email marketing campaign. These tips will make your emails awesome and powerful.

However, you need to understand that every business is unique.

Never forget to take a look at the results of the various studies that are supported by reliable data, and at the same time, always test what can work best for your business.

You can consider the studies trustworthy as they are time-tested. However, trends change every day. Therefore, irrespective of what the researchers say, you need to keep updating yourself.

Best day and time to send marketing emails by device

(Source: CampaignMonitor)

You know that in present times, no one just waits to reach their desk to read emails!

In today’s times, people begin their day while they are in a cab or walking into a cafe. Some people even start and end their workday emailing in their bed!

The easy accessibility of email on smartphones have been a reason for all of the above.

CampaignMonitor conducted a study in the year 2013. They first surveyed the percentage of email opens on an hourly basis. Below is the graph that shows the same.

percentage email opens by hour

Note that time zones were taken into account while conducting the survey. Further, the study considered the users’ typical workday that included the usual time of getting up, working, and returning from work.

The highest number of email opens was between 9 am to 5 pm, excluding the lunch time. The percentage of email opens during that time were 53 percent!

email opens

After understanding the best time to send email campaigns, CampaignMonitor looked at the various environments or devices where users opened their emails. The below graph shows the result of the survey.

emails opened by device

When you see the graph, you will realize that there is a clear connection between the time and the platform/device the users used to check their emails. You can see an inverse relationship between emails opens on desktops and mobile phones.

Before working hours and after work, open rates of emails increased, and desktop opens reduced. Similarly, during working hours, more users checked emails on desktops.

Before and after working hours people like to read their emails on their mobile devices. However, we strongly advise against reading your emails during driving!

An afterthought

Did you find anything interesting that you can take home from the above three studies?

Sure you did! It’s time to break them down into simple points.

Before we summarize the takeaway points, note that the studies were conducted in the year 2013-2014. Reputed and reliable bodies did the studies.

You need to consider your dynamic factors before deciding best day and time to send marketing emails.

The standard pattern that all these three studies followed can be listed as follows:

  1. The majority of studies suggests that Tuesday is the best day to send marketing emails.
  2. When you are sending two emails in the same week, you should choose Thursday as the second day.
  3. Even though no study supported Wednesday as the most preferred day to send emails, it was in the second position several times!

Final thoughts

When you start email marketing, you try to find out the best day and time to send marketing emails!

Timing is a crucial factor in email marketing.

Even though various studies provide some insights regarding the perfect timing of sending emails, there cannot be any absolute best day and time to send marketing emails.

However, identifying the time and day can have a positive effect on your email marketing campaigns.

The idea is to know your subscribers. Know their behavior pattern.

You should follow the studies and surveys but never underestimate what your instincts say! Your instincts will help you too.

You must remember one vital point in the end: the most crucial factors are you, your content, and your subscribers!

Your uniqueness, a compelling subject line, and informative content can always surprise you. A good subject line can always help you improve open rates. It can attract and encourage subscribers to engage with your emails. It’s important that you know how to write effective email subject lines.

Tell us what could the best day and time to send marketing emails according to you?

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