What Is The Best Day And Time For Retail SMS? Find Out Now!

Promotional SMSes are sent out from time-to-time. But, is there any best day and time for retail SMS? Let’s find out.

Best Day And Time For Retail SMS

You must have noticed that the article talks about retail SMS.

Retail businesses need SMS marketing to promote and boost their sales.

It’s natural that retail business will try to leverage the easiest way to reach out to their customers. We are talking about SMS marketing here!

Many have already started and so should you.

The article will discuss the suitable timings and try to answer the questions: Can there be any best day and time for retail SMS? And does it benefit your SMS marketing campaigns or not?

Before that let’s understand why SMS marketing is ideal for retail business.

To state the obvious:

Retail businesses can benefit largely from SMS marketing because it’s economical, easy, and convenient.

Adding to that, SMS has excellent open rates!

So how is SMS marketing useful for your retail business?

Here’s how:

  • You can send valuable and relevant content directly to the customer base
  • You can reach out to a good number of users simultaneously with the help of a bulk SMS service provider.
  • You can use exclusive coupons and offers to bring back customers to your store
  • Notify consumers about new arrivals with text message alerts
  • Reduce the operating cost
  • You can improve productivity
  • Get confirmation on online orders
  • You can manage stock ordering and deliveries
  • Showcase and advertise special events
  • Send out vouchers and coupons directly to your customers

There are more benefits of SMS marketing for a retail business. The given list consists of those benefits that you can see right away!

However, timing plays a crucial role in almost every marketing plans and strategies.

I’m sure that you realize the power of retail SMS marketing as the benefits are just too apparent. It’s low cost, gets you high open rates, and most importantly gives a personal touch.

Did you know that the response rate of SMS is 45%; which is pretty high! (Source: Gartner)

However, you need to understand that timing plays a crucial role in retail SMS marketing.

Or does it?

Yes, timing is a crucial factor. It is one of the SMS marketing metrics that you should consider for your success.

The fastest way to reach out customers is via SMS. Similarly, the quickest way you can upset your subscribers can also be SMS!

Picture yourself getting a promotional text alert at 3:30 am, and you’re half asleep. The chances of you responding to that will be less.

Again, imagine notifying your customers about a bumper sale on the last day; that too after 12 pm!


If you are here to know the best day and time for retail SMS, read on.

Best day and time for retail SMS

Before we dive in, it’s important to understand that the best day and time to send retail SMS will vary from one business to another.

Again, another factor that will determine the best timing will be your users and their preferences. It will include demographics, your product, their buying behavior and so on.

Therefore, there CANNOT be one best day and time for retail SMS in every case.

However, we studied different buying behavior and took opinion from various experts and tried our best to find out when it’s ideal to send out retail SMS.

Here they are:

The best time for retail SMS


It’s natural that you and everyone else will be busier during weekdays as compared to weekends.

Your routine will also be different during weekdays than weekends. Usually, most of us work during the weekdays, and we spend a considerable amount of time in offices or workplaces.

So when should you send out retail SMS? Let’s find out the best time for retail SMS.

8:00 am – 10:00 am

When you wake up and pick up your phone, you’ll find your mobile screen is filled with push notifications, emails, and SMSes.

Marketers know that most of us check mobile phones as soon as we get up. Therefore, mornings can be a good time to send out retail SMS.

Again, some of us tend to check mobile phones while going to the office like in cabs, cars, metros or even buses.

You should also make the most of that time and send out notifications and offers during that time.

Let’s see an example.

best time for retail SMS

6:00 pm – 9:00 pm

People return from work in the early evenings or evenings. You should consider the window of 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm to send retail messages.

The reason behind considering evenings or early evenings is that people won’t be so much engrossed with work as compared to the office hours.

Again, customers will have enough time to make a purchase or plan for it.

It’s a standard time for many businesses for sending out promotional SMSes.

Here are some examples:

best time for retail SMS

The idea is to remind or inform the customer that he/she can still avail the offer or use the information. There is always a chance that consumers may want to go out and make the most of the offer or discount.


Please don’t assume that on weekends people spend all the time staring at mobile phones because they have no office.

Weekends are sometimes busier than weekdays. Further, the involvement is also higher as people will be much relaxed compared to weekdays.

Here are some suggested times for weekends when you can send out promotional texts.

8:00 am – 11:00 am

People tend to think of spending time with family and friends during weekends.

If your offer is lucrative and if you send them early, it’ll give them time to adjust their plans accordingly. They might add a trip to your store to their plans!

Here’s an example:

best time for Promotional SMS

3:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Most people would have finished their daytime chores and will be in the home during this time (3:00 pm – 5:00). You can use texts to remind them something that they can avail when they go out in the evening!

The weekends are usually lazy, and most people go out to shop during weekends. Use this time and draw consumers to your retail store with offers, discounts, or coupons.

Here you have the suggested time that can prove to be the best time for retail SMS.

Now, let’s see what can be the best day for retail SMS.

The best day for retail SMS

It’s true that people receive retail SMS every day. Therefore, you have to keep your customers updated with the latest updates and try to lure them whenever you can.

However, there are days when you can get a tremendous response.

The following are some suggestions based on normal consumer behavior. You are most likely to get a response on the following days.


Fridays can be an ideal day for you to reach out to your customers.

According to Text Marketer, there is 44% increase in SMS campaigns during Fridays. It only proves that Fridays are already a popular choice for SMS marketing.

Ideally, people plan for weekends on Fridays. Naturally, if you can inform them about an offer, they will make room for a trip to your store.

Festivals and Holidays

A Festival and holiday is undoubtedly the best day for retail SMS.

The reason is apparent because most people would want to use the day to buy necessary items.

For instance, people like to buy new clothes on occasions. Therefore, offers and discounts can encourage them to make a purchase.

However, keep in mind that your competitors will also want to draw as many customers as they can. Think smart and use coupons, offers, and discounts to attract them.

Some points worth considering

The above suggested time will work in most cases. The suggestions were made based on the assumption that these times will be appropriate.

Given below are some points that will further help you decide the best day and time for retail SMS:

Mondays are usually hectic: Mondays are not welcomed generally by most of us. Therefore, unless your text message is related to a specific date, which is a Monday.

Avoid office hours: It’s natural that the chances of people responding to a promotional text will be less while they are working!

Understand local timings: You should always keep in mind the local time zones. It’s crucial because you wouldn’t want to annoy your customers when they are working or sleeping.

Holidays and festivals: Holidays and festivals are celebrated during weekdays also. Therefore, make the most of it and leverage it.

What we understood

You read about the possible best day and time for retail SMS here, based on our expertise and experience.

Remember, your successes will depend on the increasing number of opt-in subscribers and their interaction or engagement.

If your text somehow upset one user, he/she can opt-out easily.

Therefore, timing is one of the crucial factors. Waking up a customer at 2:30 am with a text alert about a fast food coupon is not a good idea.

The best day and time for retail SMS will largely depend upon you and your understanding of your customers.

SMS marketing is a useful marketing tool. There are many benefits of SMS marketing that makes it an incredible marketing tool. These benefits are convincing enough for any business to start SMS marketing.

However, failing to decide a best day and time to send retail SMS, you may end up driving your subscribers away.

So, here’s what we have for you today and it would be great if you share your opinions.

Also, tell us what is the best day and time for retail SMS according to you!

Till then keep texting!

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