The 5 Benefits Of Email Marketing: Why You Absolutely Need Email Marketing Now!

Benefits of email marketing are many! One cannot cover all the benefits in just one article.

You must have heard the quote:

Marketing is everything!‘-  Regos McKenna, Speaker & marketer.

It goes without saying:

Marketing is significant to any business. It is a process that will help you introduce and promote your product/service to potential customers.

Without an effective marketing strategy, your sales may come tumbling down!

Scary, right?

An effective marketing strategy converts your potential customers to customers.

But it’s not that simple!

Given the success rate and all glories of marketing, why are your subscribers base not increasing?

It’s because you are still implementing outdated marketing techniques for acquiring customers. Your reach will be just local. In simpler terms, you cannot reach people globally.

You need to expand your reach if you are planning to increase your subscriber base.

Email Marketing Benefits

Email marketing is an excellent marketing tool that can help you connect and engage a large number of people.

There are many benefits of email marketing that makes it a very effective marketing tool.

Email marketing can offer better opportunities to connect with people beyond your geographical limitations. Furthermore, it can ensure a better ROI (Return on Investment) in the long run.

Unlike any other channels, anyone can own an email list. You can send emails to multiple users whenever you want.

Before we start digging deep into the benefits of email marketing strategies, let’s just start with the basic understanding of the concept.

Let’s start scrolling!

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is the method of sending out commercial emails to people to promote products or services.

Email marketing involves sending out emails to people who are either your current or potential customers.

Some of the benefits of email marketing are:

  • You can use email marketing to build brand loyalty or create brand awareness. Additionally, you can use emails to promote or advertise. Furthermore, you can also use it to improve your relationship with previous, current customers or potential customers.
  • Irrespective of your company’s age or size, you can use emails to reach and connect with more people.

Why email marketing?

Take a look at the figures given below.

The study shows the total number and percentage of email users from the year 2013 to 2017. It has increased over a period of just four years!

You will notice that the number of both business email accounts, as well as consumer email accounts, have increased.

business and consumer email accounts

Given above is a study conducted by Radicati. The latest figure says that there are more than 4.9 million email accounts in the world!

You can see with each passing year the number of email users is increasing.

You can now reach more users globally using emails.

One of the main reasons to use email marketing is the fact that email is being accepted as a preferred communication channel far and wide.

What are the key benefits of email marketing?

One of the major benefits of email marketing is its reach. You can reach your subscribers from anywhere to anywhere!

The following are some benefits of email marketing.

It guarantees a great ROI

Return on Investment or just ROI is the measurement of the return that you get on fixed investment.

The ROI reflects your investment’s performance and the efficiency of your marketing strategies.

A useful marketing tool must get you a high ROI in the long run. Additionally, it should also help you reach more subscribers/potential customers.

The same rule applies to email marketing also!

Take a look at the diagram that shows a study done by Neil Patel. You will see that when it comes to ROI, email marketing has surpassed every marketing channel as a marketing strategy!

ROI of email

Email marketing is cost-effective compared to the other marketing tools. The investment is low, and the ROI is high!

When it is only about investments and returns, email marketing is an excellent marketing strategy.

A great way to reach mobile phone and tablet users

Email marketing can get you a right amount of subscribers because of a large number of tablet and mobile phone users.

Are you wondering how?

People spend more time on mobile phones and tablets than they do on laptops or desktops.

People can now access their emails anytime and anyplace. It has increased the visibility and accessibility of emails by many folds.

The figure given below shows the result of a survey conducted by Radicati.

The chart shows the total number of worldwide email users from 2013 to 2017. It has increased from just 897 million users to almost 1.8 billion users!

The given figure consists of both business and consumer email users.


Email Marketing Benefits

Email marketing is time-efficient

While you can send one-off campaigns and newsletters to your subscribers, you can also send out automated emails to them.

You can automate your email campaigns for better results. The automated emails are personalized and timely. They save time and are more focused. The automated emails are typically opened more frequently and clicked often. These emails can help in driving traffic to your website.

An automated email is sent to an individual when he/she meets a particular and specific trigger.

For instance, you can set up one automated “welcome” email, which will be sent every time a new user sign up to your website.

You can include other relevant products/services in the email’s message body as well.

When you add other products/services to the message body of the email, you are encouraging your subscribers to engage with you.

Given below is an automated ‘welcome’ email that I received from a renowned informative blog after I signed up.

You can see that they have included links to some of their best articles. There are chances that the reader will click on them.

Email marketing is time-efficient

The most common automated emails are the triggered transactional emails.

You can use triggered-transactional such as email receipts, reorder emails, order status emails, order or purchase confirmation emails, password reset emails, and dropped basket messages.

You can set-up an email just once, and as more subscribers meet the defined trigger, they will receive an automated email. Moreover, the whole process will be automatic and you won’t even have to lift a finger!

Email automation can automate your marketing strategies to a great extent for you.

Personalized approach

You can send out promotional emails to your subscribers. You can tailor those emails, which will give your subscribers a customized feel.

Personalized emails are a great way to get your subscribers interact with you. However, just mentioning your subscriber’s first name is not enough. The email should have clear benefits or usefulness to him/her.

You can use your subscribers’ browsing and purchase history to gain an insight into their preferences.

Direct emails are an excellent way to generate interest in the sender’s brand.

You can use direct emails to communicate promotional messages to your subscribers.

Direct emails can be used to inform your subscribers about product catalogs or special offers.

I received a mail, which can be an excellent example of a direct email.

You can see the email contains an offer. It also states the benefits clearly for me (100% cashback).

Personalized email Marketing

Even if I’m not planning to watch a movie, the offer might make me think again!

Direct emails can also be used to collect your subscriber’s information.

You can get the exact number of subscribers that opened your email and clicked on the CTA (calls-to-action).

You can use this information while designing your next marketing strategy.

Email marketing is an excellent tool to gather data

The existing marketing ecosystem is data-driven. It is natural that you derive your insights from the data, which you assess and track in a very concrete manner.

While implementing a marketing strategy, you try to collect relevant data. The relevant data can help you gain insight into your subscribers.

Email marketing works on data, which help in gathering powerful insights.

Given below is a promotional email that I received recently. You can see that the sender has included a CTA option in the email.

CTA buttons are used to take the subscribers directly to the sender’s website.

Gather data Using Email Marketing

The official website is more user-friendly where the subscriber can browse through the full product range.

myntra landing page

You can see the website displays the offer and the range of their products.

The sender can get the exact number of subscribers who have clicked on the CTA button and visited the website. They will also have a definite number of subscribers who attended through this promotional email and made a purchase.

Takeaway points

Email marketing is a proven and effective marketing strategy that can help you achieve high ROI in the long run. It will also help you in expanding your reach and get a measurable response.

The best thing about email is that it is omnipresent! You can access your emails on tablet, mobile, or desktop anytime and anywhere. It is one of the useful marketing technique to build a strong base of subscribers.

Email marketing is an effortless way to reach your subscribers on mobile smartphones. In addition to that, you don’t even have to invest much in new software or technology.

You can understand the importance of email marketing in today’s scenario if you just look at the number of email users worldwide.

According to Radicati, the market for mobile email looked promising over few past years. It is a trend that experts in Radicati are expecting to continue.

Email marketing not only helps you gather data but also help you understand your subscribers’ behavior pattern. You can use personalized emails to improve your email marketing campaigns. You can use personalized emails to understand as well as engage your subscribers. Not only it helps in engaging subscribers but also gives your emails a personal feel.

Looking at the benefits of email marketing it can be safely concluded that it is a tool that you must invest in ASAP!

The results that email marketing can help you achieve will be worth more than what you have spent.

Tell us what you think of the advantages of email marketing.

Let us know if there are more benefits of email marketing.

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