Automated Email A/B Testing Is Important! (But why?)

Sometimes what you thought would be an awesome subject line, failed even to budge recipients. Again, what you considered to be a compelling call-to-action got you no action. So, you go for A/B testing for your personalized or automated emails; to find out new elements or techniques to improve conversions.

That’s what ideally happens, isn’t it?

But, is that all A/B testing all about? You know it’s important, but exactly why and for how many reasons?

Automated Emails AB Testing

Get your answers here.

Quick fact: Automated emails are the amazing tool for retaining, winning, and attracting customers plus helps in generating business. The important features of email automation tools help you make the automated emails better and personalized. Additionally, To make them more effective you should go for automated email A/B testing.

Further, with a proper A/B testing you will know how and what will work for your email marketing campaigns.

You’ll know why exactly you need A/B testing for your automated emails and how it’s not something that you should just do religiously.

But before we start;

What is email A/B testing?

This section is just to brush up the definition and quickly summarise email A/B testing in simple words.

A/B testing is sometimes called split testing too. It is a method of trying out two campaign options and finds out which one of them will work the best; in terms of improving clicks or opens.

While performing an A/B testing, the sender sets up two variations of a campaign. The sender sends them to a fraction of the total subscribers/recipients.

Before that, the groups are divided into two versions/groups; suppose version A and B.

The version/group that brings in the most number of clicks or opens proves to be the best.

Now the winning campaign is sent to the remaining recipients/subscribers.

The important factors for A/B testing

There are some best practices and guidelines, which businesses follow when they start their email marketing.

The given factors are generally important when it comes to building a sound email campaign. Further, these factors also play a crucial role in the A/B testing.

The following are the factors:

  • Timing
  • Content
  • Who’s the sender of the email
  • Design
  • Calls-to-action
  • Subject line
  • Images

It seems easy, right? It should!

Design a campaign, send it out, and wait for the response; and you can measure the outcome.

But that’s just one reason why A/B testing is important.

Suppose you don’t need to know their response or in a perfect world, the campaign is full-proof and doesn’t require any tests.

Are there any other reasons why A/B testing is important for your email marketing?

It’s time to find out.

Why do you need email A/B testing for your email marketing campaigns?

Suppose, you create a perfect campaign that is backed up with many positive factors. Although your campaign is perfect, there’ll be still many factors that will determine the success of your campaign.

Let’s take a look at the factors and simultaneously see how Email A/B testing helps you with those:

Every email list is different

You remember, earlier I have mentioned the factors that are important for email A/B testing?

Take a look at them again.

  • Timing
  • Content
  • Who’s the sender of the email
  • Design
  • Calls-to-action
  • Subject line
  • Images

Once you select a factor, which you want to test, you will have to select a fraction of your subscribers who’ll be the recipients.

For instance: You want to test a subject line, and you divide your total audience into two groups, Group A and Group B.

Group A will receive a subject line, and Group B will receive a different one.

Then you see which one of the two subject lines worked better and you go with it.

The determining factors will be click-through and open rates or either of them.

The point is although a subject line can be amazing, the email list may not respond to it.

Therefore, you need to try out subject lines and how do you that? You know the answer!

Not all markets are perfect!

Even though the headline might sound strange, but it’s one of the important factors in email marketing.

Even brilliant marketers may fail to notice if something simple is missing in your email list.

Therefore, you need to do email testing just to ensure that you don’t overlook simple changes, which can affect your email campaign in the long run.

Email A/B testing will only make your email marketing campaigns better as it will get you visible conclusions.

A complete analysis

In my opinion, the most important benefit of email A/B testing is that it helps you analyze the results from your audience directly.

It’s much like your audience telling you directly what they liked and didn’t like about your emails. Accordingly, you can change, adjust, or modify your email campaigns.

Here are some vital statistics that you should keep an eye on while testing automated emails.

Click-through rate: Which test side produced the maximum clicks?

Unsubscribers: Which test side got you the maximum unsubscription?

Open rate: Which test side got you the most significant opens?

The above-said metrics for both your test sides will help you know what can be improved and what’s already working.

However, remember that it’s better to test just one factor at one time. Trying to test multiple factors at the same time may prevent you from realizing which factor(s) is causing the changes.


The benefits of email marketing are many; it’s cost-effective and works better than many other strategies. Email marketing has become an important part of almost every marketing strategies.

With A/B testing, you can determine which campaign will work better.

Of course, your experience and understanding will play the crucial. However, there are times when you need to see accurate data.

Email A/B testing will make your email marketing campaigns better as it eliminates the guesswork in the first place.

So summing it up:

A good email A/B testing will help you in increasing business revenue because with it you won’t have to guess your customers’ preferences.

With that information, you will be able to implement changes or modifications into your future email marketing campaigns; making your automated emails more effective.

So, tell us what your thoughts on the topic are?

What do you think of email A/B testing and its importance?

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