App Marketing Tips That Will Make Your App Advertising Awesome

You download apps almost every month if not every week. However, most of the apps are either not used or uninstalled ultimately. But marketers still believe in app advertising and so should you too! Here are some app marketing tips that will make your app advertising awesome!

Finding it hard to believe? Wait till you have read the entire article.

This article will tell you the app marketing tips that you need to keep in mind while implementing app advertising. The app marketing tips discussed henceforth will help you get better results.

Mobile App Marketing

When you think about apps, you use them to find your way to a new location, and order food/products/groceries mostly. Many people even read the news on apps.

Mobile apps have become a part of our everyday micro-moments. According to a study done by Nielsen in the year 2014, the mobile app usage is rising. Although the study is relatively old, you can still see that apps are what keep people engaged for a long time.

The truth is: People still engage with mobile apps.

the mobile app usage is rising

Looking back

The first iPhone released in the year 2007. It changed the game for mobile as well as advertising industries.

Although iPhone was not the first smart mobile phone, it indeed redefined the whole industry with its smartphone technology. The product and its OS (operating system) helped its users in their professional lives and added some entertainment value as well.

Although mobile advertising was in existence back then, the ads weren’t well-designed.

The reason was the ads were desktop browser ads, which were just reformatted for mobile web browsers!

The ads were clumsy and ineffective.

A year later iPhone 3G arrived with the App Store. It allowed users to start using mobile apps instead of mobile web browsing.

Although the first version of iPhones had apps, they weren’t open to developers. The iPhone 3G brought good news for developers. They understood that many mobile apps were free and were in high-demand. It was then when they thought of app advertising.

By the year 2015, users spent 88% of their online time with apps!

Today, app advertising is one of the best tools for mobile marketing.

In a fast-growing country like India, people spend almost two and half hours per day on their smartphones. Further, App Annie, a data analytics company, discovered that most of this time is mainly spent on 11 apps! (Source: Financial Express)

App marketing: What makes it successful?

App advertising is one of the best mobile marketing strategies. You cannot get success when you make the common mobile marketing mistakes. That has stopped many marketers to taste success.

Similarly, you need to avoid making mistakes while doing app advertising too!

You need to remember the key points of app advertising, and that will help you avoid mistakes. These key points will help you know how app advertising works and how users behave generally.

Let’s summarize the key points of app advertising. You can consider these critical points as app advertising facts.

Here they are:

  • People don’t use most apps that they install.
  • Apps encourage users to purchase with exclusive offers and discounts.
  • People can also know about apps outside the app store.
  • Incentives can always renew the usage of apps among the abandoned users.
  • Search is very useful in improving app downloads.

Remember, these key points are vital for your app promotion ideas. But are they enough? No!

Given below are some crucial inter-related app marketing tips that you need to ponder upon to make your app advertising successful.

Here’s the first point.

App Marketing Tips

Visibility: People do not usually discover apps in the app store!

Please DO NOT assume that users will find your brilliant app in the app store. Although many people browse for apps in app stores, you shouldn’t take that chance.

Here’s something that will give you an idea.

Where people discover apps

(Source: Google/Ipsos Survey)

Remember, users usually find out about apps while using their mobile phones. People find an app while surfing a mobile website, watching a video on YouTube, or searching for similar apps. Sometimes they stumble upon an app when they are engaged in another app!

You may still wonder that how will users find your app outside the app store. Here’s an idea:

One of the primary sources for app discovery is search engines. It will lure in the users to the mobile website. Additionally, they will also get the option of getting the app.

See the example given below.

Imagine, I made a plan to visit Goa, and I searched for the best hotel. You can see the search result is showing the mobile website and downloadable link for the app.

Downloadable link for app in search

Try and make your app visible almost everywhere, of course including search!

When it’s visible, people will take notice.

Timing: When do in-app ads bothering users?

Timing is a significant factor in app advertising.

One of the basic app marketing ideas should be target right audience at right time. Find out when your users will be in the right state of mind to discover, engage, and explore.

However unsolicited text messages and intrusive commercial breaks are always a ‘no-no.’ On the other hand, users tend to pay attention to relevant ads.

According to the VP of Truecaller (sales & head of India operations), Tejinder Gill, the engagement rates are higher on relevant in-app native ads. (Truecaller is an app developed by a Swedish company, “True Software Scandinavia AB.” It can help users find contact details with its integrated caller ID.)

When you design your app aesthetically for mobile screens, you’ll realize that the placement of ads is also a factor.

Usually, when an interactive ad appears on right and relevant time, it encourages the user to take notice.

When you focus on the aspect of right time, you will realize why many marketers migrated from “mobile-first” to “mobile-only strategy.”

Actionable: Is the app’s value clear to users?

Creating and designing app is the first stage. Imagine you created an app and did everything to reach out to users. Unfortunately, your users didn’t find the app useful, and they have decided to abandon.

Remember, every consumer needs an incentive to re-engage with the app they have abandoned or planning to abandon. However, you can always draw them back.

Users will naturally start using an app again if they have something for them! (Like discount, bonus or exclusive content.)

You will see marketers in retail and travel categories always use incentives to lure in more users.

According to Google & Ipsos, 40% of users would again use a travel app, and 47% would again use a retail app if they receive a coupon offer or discount. (Source: Google/Ipsos, Mobile App Marketing Insights: How Consumers Really Find and Use Your Apps, 2015).

One can say that it is an old study, but the rising popularity of retail and travel apps proves that it’s still true.

Every time I look at my phone, I see their push notifications!

App offers to re engage users

Mobile app engagement ads: Are users aware of installed apps?

Here’s a scenario:

Imagine you want to visit a place and are looking for cheap hotels. When you search for flights, the search will tell you that the app is already installed. Further, that same app will reach out to you through mobile app engagement ads (through push notifications). It will remind you of it and alert you to special discounts and offers.

See the example given below:

Apps reminding users of their presence with relevant adsapps remaining users of their presence with relevent ads

Wrapping up

In today’s world, every marketer is turning to mobile marketing. When you know all about mobile marketing, you will know how it has changed the landscape of marketing and advertising.

When you know all about mobile marketing, you’ll realize app advertising is an integral part of it. However, knowing and understanding are two different words with separate meaning.

When you understand app advertising, you will be able to reap its benefits. The app marketing tips mentioned above are crucial and will certainly help you understand app advertising beyond the plain definition.

App advertising has some challenges too, like the lack of rich-media inventory. Without cookies, which are useful for tracking, it’s very tough to know which users saw the ad. There will be challenges, and they will require additional efforts.

One cannot deny the fact that app advertising has bested than web advertising when it’s about click-through rates. It is now siphoning revenue growth, even from the mobile web!

App advertising may cost you more as compared to mobile web, but you will enjoy a higher net return. Unlike the mobile web, app advertising will avoid focusing on untargeted and generalized audiences.

That is the reason marketers are investing in app display ads now.

Remember the app marketing tips discussed here and see yourself climbing to newer heights. When you understand them fully, you will know how app advertising works

Even if you know how to market your app, you would still find these app promotion tips handy!

What is your opinion on the app marketing tips in this article?

Share your app marketing tips.

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