15 Brilliant Ways To Use AI In Marketing

Artificial intelligence and machine learning is the trending topic in the tech world. Since its inception, it has been implemented in almost every field. AI in marketing is something which we can’t bypass it. Artificial intelligence covers a variety of technologies, which we hear in our daily digital marketing strategies in one or another way. Artificial Intelligence generally covers technologies

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Is Display Advertising an Effective Customer Acquisition Channel?

Finding out how to acquire a new customer is somewhat a challenging task for any business. To run your business, you need a good knowledge of various advertising channel. If you failed in doing so, you need to struggle for implementing the wrong strategy for customer acquisition. One of the most challenging factors that come in a business decision is

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YouTube Ads: An Incredibly Effective Advertising Channel

With a multitude of platforms available in the market, you must be in a dilemma to decide where to advertise your video content. Not to worry here’s the solution to it, YouTube ads. But you will only believe when you get substantial evidence, so here it is. Over 1 billion unique visitors visit YouTube every month. More than 6 billion hours

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Why You Must Consider Voice Search SEO From Here On

Want your business to get listed in top results down the line? And didn’t optimise your site for voice search SEO. Within a short time span, it already gained a good go. No doubt, voice search will be the trend in future for search. By optimising your website for voice search SEO, you can stand out from your competitors in

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Proven Results To Rank Your Website Using Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a compelling strategy used by digital marketers across the world to rank their website in search engine results. On an average, the amount spent by brands and agencies in the US for web SEO services in the year 2018 is estimated to be $72.02 billion, and it may rise to $79.27 billion by 2020. (Source:

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