What To Expect From Ad Tech Mumbai 2018 As A Marketer?

Aspiring Marketers! Brace yourself! Here is your chance to embrace the new era of marketing.

Ad Tech is the largest digital marketing conference and exhibition in the world. Now Ad Tech 2018 is back with another edition going to held in Mumbai, the financial capital of India, on 28-29 November 2018.

Ad Tech Mumbai 2018

The last Ad Tech conference was held in Delhi, and it has been an inspiring and vibrant event. Ad Tech Delhi 2018 served as a platform for the marketing communities to share and interact with the latest innovations of digital marketing technologies. The conference has inspired the marketers to adopt new ways of marketing to address industry challenges and achieve excellence.

However, as we all know, the quest for the excellence never ends.

Ad Tech continues to explore the future of marketing with more emphasis on the collaboration of technology, data sciences and content. Ad Tech Mumbai 2018 is ready to create a higher level of and to help brands to make head away in the competitive marketing landscapes.

Let’s have a look how Ad Tech Mumbai will be more exciting and sophisticated than the previous edition.

There is a THEME, and it is powerful

Ad Tech Mumbai will focus on contemporary and emerging trends of marketing in the digital world. In addition, the conference is mainly themed to discuss, debate and explore a wide range of topics connecting the technological benefits to creativity.

In the online advertising era, brands are using tech, data, and AI to enhance the creative focus to reach the consumers at more personalized level. The internet made the advertising advance but at the same time advertising on online became a double-edged sword.

The more high tech the advertising became, the more ads the consumers are being shown. It is ads,ads,ads & more ads everywhere throughout the day which demand a creative niche to grab the attention of target audience in the unrelenting competition.

“Are we as marketers and digital innovators truly ready?” this is the reasonable query. ‘Let’s find out’ the answers through leaders and brands in “Ad Tech Mumbai.”

In conclusion, here is the mighty slogan of Ad Tech Mumbai 2018 which represent the theme.





Ad Tech Conference - Mumbai Theme



Ad Tech Mumbai will be a two-day conference with 36 sessions by 70 plus International and Indian speakers.

The exhibition floors, spotlights are arranged to introduce startups, latest products.  It is an opportunity to exhibit and discover the newest marketing technologies same time.

Ad Tech Mumbai 2018

In addition, network parties, focused events on women in tech are side events in the conference

And also, the event has multiple breaks along the sessions spread over two days.

To sum up, here is the brief event schedule of the Ad tech Mumbai 2018.

Day 1: Wednesday, November 28th

  • First of all, the conference starts with Keynote speech by Niamh Byrne, Region head of marketing, APAC & EMEA, CITI N.A. She will deliver a speech on “MY KIND OF BANKING – DATA MEETS CREATIVITY TO UNLEASH CONSUMER ENGAGEMENT”.
  • The second keynote speech will be delivered by Kaushal Kurapati, Group Vice President, Products, Global, Oracle. The topic is “DATA AND ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE ALGORITHMS DRIVEN CREATIVITY – FUELING A TRANSFORMATION IN MARKETING.”
  • Sessions cover four tracks with eminent speakers. The four tracks of the first-day conference are as below;

The logistics of creativity is the topic for track 1

           Accelerating creativity is the topic for track 2

           Trans-formative Experiences is track 3

           Numbers don’t lie is topic for track 4

  • Besides the main tracks, ‘Theatre on the expo floor’ is a side event open to all the conference and exhibition delegates. This side event is a think tank session to acquire knowledge on trends of digital marketing.
  • The are other spotlight sessions of various companies.


Day 2 – Thursday, November 29th

  • The second day of the conference starts with an introductory keynote speech by David Webster, Managing partner & CGO, BBH Asia. The topic is on “INSANITY WITH A PURPOSE: DEFINING A ROLE FOR TECHNOLOGY IN BUILDING BRANDS.”
  • The next followed session at the conference is fascinating and curious. Sairee Chahal, Founder & CEO, SHEROES will deliver a speech on “THE NEW INTERNET FOR WOMEN”, focusing on creating the internet space inclusive, productive and safe for women.
  • The sessions the covering remaining tracks will be held at the conference, and the tracks are Personalization & Targeting and Reach
  • Raju Vanapala, Founder & CEO of Way2Online & Way2News will deliver a speech in the first half of the conference on “INDIA’S NEXT GROWTH ENGINES – TAPPING INTO TIER 2 AND 3.”
  • The second day of the conference has other few engaging spotlight sessions not to miss.
  • The conference will end with a keynote speech by Harish Bhat, Tata Sons & Author of ‘The Curious Marketer’ & ‘Tata Log’. The topic of the speech is “BRANDS WITH PURPOSE.”


What more?

It is not over yet, Ad Tech is also presenting workshops for the participants.

In the two day conference, Oracle, Google, Logicserve, and Oath will organise the power packed workshops.

Moreover, everyone can send a request for a free invitation to attend the workshop. Hurry up!


Associate Partners

Google, Oath, Oracle, Shareit, Taboola, Times Network Digital,  Voot, Inc42, Indian Television, and Mediavataar are brands sponsoring for Ad Tech Mumbai 2018.

Updates to go

For the first time, Ad Tech Conference is happening Twice a year in 2018 at Mumbai.

Ad Tech is sharing the information about the conference through all social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter. Click the links to be updated and also catch up all the latest occurrences and news about Ad Tech Mumbai 2018 by following  #adtechIN, #adtechmumbai.


Final words

To conclude, Ad Tech Mumbai 2018 is a global platform for the marketing, media and technology communities where they gather to discuss, debate, explore,  share new strategies and build partnerships to challenge the industry adversities.

Another reason to attend is that, the Indian and international speakers, leaders, creative innovators, leading brands, researchers, smartest technologies at Ad Tech Mumbai will be a dose of inspiration towards the accomplishment.

This conference will be an opportunity for marketers to learn, discover, exhibit and arise. Save your date and be part of it. We meet you at Ad Tech Mumbai 2018.

As we are preparing for Ad Tech 2018, meanwhile, Ad tech is all ready for next year with Ad Tech 2019 TO happen on 14 and 15 of March again Delhi.


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Harsha studied Mechanical Engineering and chose writing as a career making use of his critical thinking skills. Interested in examining and analyzing the digital revolution and its impact on human life. Currently studying the transformations of marketing in the digital era. He is a 2 part introvert,1 part extrovert, 1 part geek, 2 part cinephile, 2 part bibliophile.

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