How to use 7 sins of life to improve your email writing skills

When you send out an impressive email, using all your email writing skills, are you 100% confident that your subscribers will click on it?

You would tell that it is not at all possible. However, is it the truth?

What if I tell you that it is possible to engage almost all of your subscribers, would you believe me?

Yes, it is entirely possible. If you can follow the email writing tips in the right manner, there is absolutely no reason for why your customers shouldn’t open it. Your emails must be simple, yet powerful and directed towards the right audience with personalized content. You can also invoke urgency with some value proposition to make your emails irresistible to open.

You know about some of the components that affect the open rates of your email. Probably you take utmost care to stick to the do’s and don’ts while writing a perfect content using your email writing skills.

However, what about the human emotions of your subscribers? Are you taking that into your consideration as well along with your super email writing skills?

The emotions are collectively known as the seven sins – Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy, and Pride. These seven sins rule all the emotions of any human being and differ from person to person. Moreover, these sins prompt the people in their decision-making process.

If you know how to impart them to your current email writing skills, they can improve your marketing success rates, as well as, help in generating more leads and conversions.

7 Deadly Sins of Email Marketing

Including at least one of the sins in every email you write can help you to achieve better results out of your email campaigns. It will help you to shortlist your target audience efficiently, and make your messages more relevant.

Why your subscribers read your email?

While drafting an email for your marketing campaigns using your email writing skills, did you ever thought about what makes it unique? What makes it so irresistible that people would take no time in opening it?

Well, they depend a lot on the visual appeal, as well as your brand name and relationship with the subscribers. The personalization, subject line, preheader text, and the value proposition everything matters. However, they are not the only factors that you should impart in your email writing skills.

The emotional behavior of your subscribers plays a more significant part in deciding if they really will open the email. If they are pre-occupied, angry, sad, looking for something else, or even too lazy to check the mail, your open rates deteriorate rapidly.

But is it really possible to gauge the mood of every subscriber you have? In truth, it is not possible. However, what if you can change the attitude of your subscribers to your liking with every email you send?

Yes, you can easily do it if you understand what the seven sins of life are and how can you improve your email writing skills by including these. Improving your email writing skills with these email writing tips can effectively take your campaigns to a new height.

Seven Sins in Email Marketing

Adding seven sins in your email writing skills is almost similar to the seven sins of human character. Check out how to reorganize your email marketing strategy to get maximum engagement from your subscribers.

1. Lust: Create Desire with your email writing skills

One of the primary reason that your subscribers are reading every email you send is that they are getting something from you. It could be knowledge enhancement, or better products, or maybe better services. So, use your email writing skills to send out what can create a desire among the subscribers.

Creating desire is excellent as long as you are providing your readers with something valuable that you generate. Do not deceive your subscribers with the products, services, or promotions if you cannot fulfill your promise.

When you send these emails out, using an engaging subject line could be helpful. It will make your emails stand out as it will form the initial impression with your subscribers. Techniques like personalization, or clear subject line text with your email writing skills can work wonders.

When your subscribers are engaging with your email, keep track of them by including a sign-up option on your landing page. Getting more subscribers through this method will allow you to expand your reach and provide relevant content that can keep them attached to your brand.

Look at the following email writing example to know how lusty emails look like.

The subject line and the email body speaks about the easiest way to earn Rs. 1 Cr, which is desirable to many. They will certainly try to find out more about the offer, or methods to get that money.Email subject line to Create DesireWhile you are getting more people with your email writing skills, stay away from any unethical practice to increase your total subscribers. Do not add anyone to your subscriber’s list against their decision. Using lust as a powerful tool will only be useful as long as people find your emails valuable.

2. Gluttony: Give them more

Getting your subscriber to like you and interacting you once is the first task. However, giving them constant supply of engaging emails is a different story altogether. The second sin or gluttony is something that can help in doing it.

When a user subscribes to your email campaigns, you need to understand that he is interested in your product. So, if you stop sending him emails after the initial welcome message, or keep sending him messages without sticking to a schedule, he will lose interest in you pretty soon.

So, send them periodic emails and always try to include better content than what your previous emails contain. Better content can be anything related to your business. You can provide them with better offers, discounts, and offers, or by giving them more of the current value.

By providing more, doesn’t mean that you to bombard him with emails every alternate day, but to send emails in an organized manner. Stick to a schedule, so that the email reaches him either once a week, or twice a month, or something that you plan. Don’t make the emails too frequent, or too rare.

Check the email body. A perfect example of giving your subscriber with something more every time. Since the email might be a weekly one, it promises to provide more of fun to the subscriber interacting with it.

Gluttony In Email

While sending emails, opt for an email automation plan, so that the email service is not interrupted even if you are busy with some other urgent work.

Moreover, you must adhere to the quality of content you are providing through the emails. Do not compromise on the content or the quality that your emails provide. You can switch to different modes of content, but, the overall quality should be consistent with your style.

3. Greed: Satisfy the needs of people with your email writing skills

When people become your subscriber, have you thought what prompted them to do so? If you have, it comes down to a single thing: Greed.

Using your emails writing skills, you are providing them something that others didn’t provide. That is – value for their time and interest. Even if someone succeeded, you are satisfying your subscriber’s needs better than anyone does.

When you send out your emails, you try to get the maximum leads to sell your products. However, your email writing skills must be such, that the attempt is not too apparent. Tell them why your product is more superior to some other product, but do it subtly.

Do not make your pitch too visible. Do not over-promote your products in the expectation that people will buy whatever you sell. Guide them through a process where you explain the importance and the need for having the product in their kitty. Remember, you have to show them that you can provide more as they increase their engagement with you.

Just look at the email below. You will find that the email is providing you something that is better than others. But they didn’t pitch it too hard to their subscribers. It shows you the value you might lose out on unless you take action.

Increase Greed with Email Writing skills

So, use your email writing skills to add selling point in every email you send, just don’t make it too apparent. It is okay if your subscribers take time in deciding if they want to add the product to their basket. Keep telling them about the product constantly, so that they are inclined to acquire the product at any cost.

4. Sloth: The Lazy ones

If you check your subscriber’s list to find out your subscribers’ actions, you will see that many subscribers are not very active. They postpone opening your emails as they wait for the best time or a spare time to open them. Unfortunately for you, that auspicious time seldom comes.

However, you know that you cannot put the subscriber into the dead list because they are not acting as fast as you would have liked. So, how do you deal with them?

To deal with these subscribers, use your email writing skills to plan campaigns that are more interactive. Use powerful subject lines and content that compels the recipient to open the emails. Since you know that the chances that they are less likely to open the email in the first attempt, break your content into several smaller parts. Don’t rush with your emails. Instead, inspire them with smaller pieces of information to keep the creative juice flowing. In no time, you will see that they are engaging with you more frequently than you expected.

The example below tells you how to use email writing skills perfectly. It provides a distinct “buy now” process so that you can buy the product in a single click, rather than looking for the store.

Interactive Email Subject line

Similarly, you too can send your subscribers emails which speak about making a task easier for them. Therefore, if you want your subscribers to take an effortless action, make provisions for one-click CTAs, or easy sign-in options along with compelling contents. Easy access to get their hands on the product they desire is quite effective in boosting your email campaigns.

5. Wrath: Be angry

While writing emails for your marketing campaign, always be fluent in the language. It is okay if you don’t use formal language all the time. Write the contents so that they don’t seem boring to your subscribers.

To do this, use your email writing skills to incite some anger or wrath in the subscriber’s heart. Use power words in the subject lines, and the preheaders. Include some habits that you know your subscribers are angry about and want to get rid of it. Invoke the anger in them while showing them what they are missing out if they are not engaging with you.

Check out how the senders of the following email have used his anger and frustration to grab the attention of the readers. He has used smaller sentences, but it is evident that the person is angry. And he has used that anger to narrate a story that might be similar to the situation that the subscriber can relate to. So, he would be able to convince the reader about taking action on the email much better than anyone else.

Incite Anger using email Writing Skills

Showing a bit of anger in your email content is alright, but never make the feeling too strong. Also, stay away from swear words, or curse words, as they might backfire on you. Remember, the email you send is not for provoking them. It is to make them realize their small inefficiencies that they can easily take care of interacting with you.

6. Envy: Make them special with your email writing skills

When people subscribe to your emails, they primarily do it because they find your services or products superior to the others. When people start showing their trust in you, living up to their expectation essential.

Use envy as your ally here. Treat your subscribers well and provide them with relevant services everytime they decide to interact with you. Make them feel special and explain the unique factors about your brand. Everyone wants to be a part of something “cooler” or “grand.”

Use your email writing skills to provide your subscribers with few products which are exclusive or are rare. People love boasting, and they need something which anyone else does not have.

See how this particular email appeals to my envious self. It tells me about exclusive deals based on my past journey. As they kept track of my previous journey, they also know about my spending habits during a tour. They mention that the deal is available only to the travelers having a previous association with the sender. Thus, I will be inclined to feel privileged and find the right offer for myself.

Making them special with your email writing skills

Use variations of the subscription form to make your subscribers feel special. Check for the mobile version of the email as well as the subscription form so that people checking emails from mobiles do not miss out on opportunities to interact with you.

If you can explain your product to be unique using your email writing skills, they will, in turn, help you to grow your business with their loyalty.

7. Pride: Be proud

The seventh sin tells you to be proud. Yes, contrary to popular belief, you can feel proud of your business, products, and subscribers. However, you need to pass on these feelings to your subscribers using your email writing skills. So, let them boast a bit about your business, it’s achievements, and the uniqueness it provides.

When your subscribers know that they are a part of an exclusive group, they can give you more exposure as people will flock to you when they know about you.

As an example, see how Grammarly used their email writing skills to write the subject line. It informs me that I am a part of an exclusive group now. The pride will compel me to open the email to check out if it has some other insights for me as well.

feel proud of your business

Now, just look at a screenshot of another email from the same company. They have shown me the status of the achievements, and the progress I have made in the last three weeks. These are enough to boost my ego as they are rating my performance as compared to other Grammarly users, and shows me how well I do. So next time they send me some similar email, I will be anticipating some more data, which lead to opening the email in future too.

achievement statistics in email

However, you must remember that even a small mistake is not taken lightly by people, especially when your business stature grows. So, ask for feedback from your subscribers, and try to apply few of their suggestion as the situation demands. Ask about factors which you can incorporate that will maintain the exclusive nature of your business. It will make your subscribers more empowered and will help you to consolidate your position as the thought leader.

Food for thoughts

Every one of us has some predominant emotional thought mechanism that affects the decision-making process. If you cannot arouse those emotions in your subscribers, your email writing skills will not be useful in generating much impact on your marketing campaigns.

When you speak about the seven sins of email marketing, you need to understand each sin to understand their effects. You also need these professional email tips to understand them to the core.So even if your subscribers can resist one of them, the others will definitely compel the subscribers to take action on the emails.

Let us know if your email writing skills improved after using the seven sins. Let’s catch up in the comments section below.

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