4 Must-Have Features To Be Present In Email Automation Tools

Before we get into the topic, essential features in an email automation tools: “Must-Have Features To Be Present In Email Automation Tools”

Imagine this:

How good life would be if the email campaigns would run by themselves?

Imagine the email marketing tools and email monitoring tools working on their own!

You could get closer to your subscribers, engage them, and understand them better.

Although it seems a very futuristic idea, you can now automate your email campaigns.

All thanks to email marketing automation tools!

4 Must Have Features In Email Automation Tools

Email marketing automation tools can eliminate the tedious and mundane tasks of email marketing by optimizing time.

Read on to find out more about the fantastic benefits of the email marketing software, and how to choose the best one for yourself.

What is Email Automation?

You already know that personalized and relevant emails engage your subscribers the most. You can engage your subscribers with your stunning emails when you choose your right audience, personalize them, and compose a simple yet strong message. These tips are very useful when you want to write powerful and effective emails.

However, personalizing every email can be a very tedious task. You won’t be leaving your desk even for lunch!

Email automation tools can help you send emails to your subscribers at the desired time and in lesser time.

You can also analyze your subscribers’ behavior and engage them at the same time.

It’s true that automation sound a bit robotic, but it’s not!

In fact, it’s the opposite.

Email automation tools can help you develop a healthy relationship with your subscribers by creating brand awareness and maintaining effective communication.

An automated email is timely, focused, and more relevant as compared to traditional ones.

Automated emails can act as a workflow that can send emails automatically on a schedule or a specific trigger. It can be an efficient email marketing software.

Why do you need email automation tools?

Email marketing is mainly about connecting your subscribers with relevant emails at the right time so that you can generate more revenue out of your business.

Similarly, email marketing automation reaches out, engages your subscribers, and ensures the same result but in LESSER TIME and LESSER EFFORT!

You can now strategize your marketing campaigns more efficiently without breaking a sweat!

Automated emails can engage your subscribers and boost conversion rates!

Imagine you are walking down the road, preoccupied with your thoughts. A stranger calls you by shouting “Hey, You!” Would you respond? The chances are thin.

It is natural that you would pay attention whenever a person addresses you using your name. The same applies to email marketing too!

You can personalize your automated emails using automation tools. It will give your email a personal feel.

Even a simple email with a personalized subject line can make a good impression on your subscribers’ minds! A personalized subject line can improve your open rate by 50 percent! When you personalize the subject lines of your emails, you can expect your subscribers to open your emails.

You can even engage your subscribers with automated transactional emails as well.

While sending out transactional automated emails to your customers, you can include information and offers on similar products or services. As a result, it will encourage your subscribers to know more about your range of products/services.

You can include a CTA button, which can encourage your subscribers to visit your website and continue shopping.

According to Experian, automated transactional emails can generate six times more revenue and have eight times more open rates!

Transactional email Open Rates Graph

Email automation tools: Features to look for

Give me six hours to chop down a tree, and I will spend the first four hours sharpening the axe.” – Abraham Lincoln.

Success requires a sound planning!

Similarly, your email marketing campaigns need proper planning too.

You will have to understand and identify your requirements first and then look for an email automation tool that can take care of those needs.

There are many email automation tools available, but you don’t need all of them.

You need an email automation tool with features that are beneficial to you.

Take a look at some of the essential features:

Dynamic Content

The data that are gathered such as behavioral patterns, contact information, demographics and preferences of subscribers determine the content in dynamic emails.

Automated dynamic content can deliver quality and value to you. It ensures seamless customized and personalized content without your manual intervention.

Below is an email that I received a few days back.

It talks about the tips and tricks of a tool that I use regularly.

You can see the email containing relevant information about the tool.

Dynamic Email with information of Email Automation Tool

Dynamic content can be very efficient or less useful depending on the data it leverages.

You should execute your welcome programs in such a manner that it captures both preference and demographic data of your subscribers.

Trigger Campaigns

Trigger campaigns are one of the most successful email marketing techniques in present times.

Automated triggered emails are those emails that are sent out to users when they meet a specific trigger. It can be at a time when they purchase a product or service, subscriber or register for a website/blog they get an acknowledging email.

You can set subscriber response or action as a trigger. The trigger can also be a date or a website update.

You can establish business criteria or rules around subscriber behaviors. It will help you decide the right time, right user, and the right message.

Automated trigger campaigns are customer driven, and that is why it is handy.

Your emails won’t prove to be annoying or unwanted because the subscribers initiate them in the first place; not you!

Given below is an automated triggered email that I received as soon as I subscribed to an investment news blog.

Automated Triggered Email

Once you set up your automated trigger campaign, the program will work automatically. It doesn’t need day-to-day management.

The most common type of automated triggered emails are the welcome emails.

Welcome emails programs can help you gather basic information about your subscribers.

Welcome Programs

The welcome program is undoubtedly a must for your email automation campaigns.

You can send welcome emails automatically as soon as a subscriber meet a specific trigger.

A trigger may be an event when a user subscribes to your newsletter, registers with your company or places an order.

A welcome program must be automated in the tool as it will ensure the delivery of welcome emails on time. It will save you time, workforce, and money.

Welcome emails can serve as the first step towards a healthy relationship between you and your subscribers. It can present an ideal opportunity to start gathering essential information about your subscribers.

Gathering information through welcome emails through methodical steps of data capture and engagement is more convenient with email automation tools. You should know all about the marketing funnel before starting with automation tool. The process includes funneling of subscribers and taking them to the landing page that features data capture forms.

Below is a welcome email that I received when I registered for a news website.

An automated welcome email

You will see there is a link in the welcome email that the reader must click on to complete the registration process. The link will redirect the user to the landing page of the official website.

Landing page with a CTA option

The landing page of the website has a CTA button that the user has to click on to complete the final stage of registration.

Sign up pageSign up page

The user will have to feed his/her necessary information for the final registration.

Beside the registration form, there is also a clear description of the membership benefits that the user will get. It will encourage the user to register with the website.

You need to remember that your subscribers’ first point of contact should not trigger the welcome programs. Instead, trigger your emails when your subscribers reach a new stage.

Drip Emails

The drip email campaigns leverage things that can help the subscribers succeed!

Drip email is a communication-based email marketing strategy. It sends out or ‘drips’ a specific and sequence of messages to subscribers at regular intervals and the preferences and behaviors of subscribers do not drive it. Instead, you will be the one who will be driving it!

You can include educational content such as guides, white papers, and webinars; invitations to a tradeshow, a networking event, or a seminar; or special offers for your subscribers in the drip email.

Take a look at the image given below. You can see how drip campaigns work.

Drip email campaign

You can try including special offers, event, or compelling content in your emails to give your subscribers something that benefits them.


Email automation tools can undoubtedly deliver you a wide array of opportunities.

It is crucial that you invest in an email automation tool that will take care of your email campaigns.

While choosing from the email automation tools ensure that you choose one with welcome programs, dynamic content, trigger campaigns, and drip emails.

Automated email tools can improve your subscriber engagement, email deliverability, and most importantly your reputation.

Automated emails can engage with many subscribers at the same time with relevant messages.

Not only they can engage your subscribers but can also help you improve your conversion rates.

Email automation tools can be an active contributor to the performance and superior ROI of your email marketing strategy in the long run. It can be an integral part of your best marketing strategies as well.

It would be awesome to know your thoughts on email automation tools.

All the best!

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