Here Are The 17 Smartest App Promotion Ideas That You Need

Working in India’s largest martech company has offered me the opportunity to understand the broad scopes in mobile marketing. I came across many app promotion ideas that helped businesses grow.

With the ever-growing market, the mobile app marketing ideas are also evolving.

Are you here to know how to promote an app or the best ways to market an app? Read on.

Promote Your App

Here in this article, I have chosen 17 app promotion ideas that you will certainly find helpful.

But, why should you have an app for your business in the first place?

Can we say that the number of smartphones in this world is almost equal to the number of toothbrushes in a country?

Maybe! Maybe not! That’s hypothetical. But one can’t deny that the possibilities aren’t zero.

The total number of mobile phone users globally will pass the mark of 5 billion by 2019! (source: Statista)

So now you know that the world is on mobile phones. But aren’t mobile friendly websites enough?

There are parameters like the ease of usage, easily actionable, and better user experience that matters. For that reason, you need to “app”-ify your business (get it?)

Here are some quick and good reasons why you should promote your business with an app:

  • Your users will get a seamless experience.
  • It can work as an extension of your brand as your users will get everything related to your business, 24X7.
  • It will increase brand awareness as well as brand recall.
  • With a mobile app, you will have another digital space where you can promote and market your brand.
  • It will offer your customers excellent and instant services.

Now that you know the benefits of promoting your business with mobile apps let’s start understanding the various app promotion ideas.

17 App promotion ideas

1. Use Search engines to attract new users

“Search engine results page” or just SERP is the result page that is displayed by web search engines. The major search engines that we know are Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

People type the desired topic or queries in the search box in the search engines to get the information. That’s how the search engines work.

But can you promote your app in the search engines? Yes, when people search for the services that you offer, search engines will display your website where they will get the option to download the app.

Given below is an example:

Search results showing apps


Play store install page

When I searched for best hotel booking app, the results showed me a website. When I clicked on the website link, it directly took me to the Play Store, where there is an easy option to download.

Take a look at these app promotion ideas that will help your app rank higher in search engines.

  1. Use the relevant, specific, and right keywords in your app’s name.
  2. Optimize the description and title of your app.
  3. Use the word “app” in the title and description.

The whole world is on mobile phones and almost every one of us like looking up things on the internet. Therefore, search engines can undoubtedly be an excellent place to promote your app.

2. Start blogging!

Blogging is one of the most effective app promotion ideas that can get you loyal customers.

The reason is simple. You can gain the trust of your readers with quality and informative blog posts.

When you have a blog where you post regular updates or articles on latest development, it will attract more readers.

Further, when your blog posts are focused on your expert and core service, you will be a niche expert.

As a result, people would want to download and read your latest blog posts on their mobile phones via your app!

You can also promote your app while being a guest blogger too! It’s simple when you think about it.

Your objective should be to aim for subscribers who will be interested in downloading your app.

Remember, guest blog posts should not be promotional, therefore, gear your post in such a way that the readers would want to check out the mobile app.

Make your author bio enticing enough and link the app’s page on the website, Google Play, or iTunes.

Try using action words like “Download the mobile app today!”

3. Use social media platforms to reach a large number of users

Firstly, it’s not as simple as just copy-pasting a link on Facebook!

You need to be interesting, relevant, and intriguing if you want to draw more subscribers.

Your content should be share-worthy and click-worthy. Make sure that your intro text is creative and talks about the services and the benefits.

See the example given below:

Social media app promotion

You can reach many users on social media and at the same time engage them. It is an opportunity and can boost your app downloads if done right.

When you understand the social media marketing well, you can come up with some new app promotion ideas. However, the mantra here is to stay relevant, not annoying.

4. Use newspapers advertising for more visibility

Traditional advertising will never go out of style!

Companies invest a lot of money on traditional advertising such as banner ads, printed leaflets, newspapers, etc.

Speaking of newspapers, a good number of people still read newspapers. It could be an excellent place to promote and advertise your app.

See the example given below:

App promotion in newspapers

You can see how a renowned app used the front page of an equally reputed newspaper to promote their app.

Here are few app promotion ideas for newspaper ads:

  •    Give Attractive offers for first-time users.
  •    Introduce special discount on the first transaction on the app.
  •    Ensure your app is available in all Play Store

5. Offline Banner ads as an aid to promote your app

Banner ads are everywhere! You will see at least one outside your office, your favorite restaurant, and your office.

Smaller banners are now found inside malls, airports, railway stations, and even in bus stations.

Banner ads are one of the traditional advertising strategies that are here to stay for a long time.

The reason is simple: It offers maximum visibility and ensures most people see them. It can be a good place for your app promotion as well.

See the example given below.

Banner ads

One of the biggest online retail store, Amazon, still invests in banner ads. The image above is one of their banner ads, where they have also promoted their app.

Banner ads can be one of the useful app promotion ideas.

6. Use retail outlets ads to promote your app

Retail outlets are easily one of the most visited places in a neighborhood.  Be it for groceries or last-moment items; people visit retail outlets quite often.

You can promote your app by putting a standee or a small poster.

Make sure you place your promotional poster or the standee in one of the most visible areas in the outlet.

Given below is an example.

Retail store ads

7. Try cross promotion and target other apps’ audience

Have you realized that you can promote your app in related or relevant apps? It’s not an uncommon practice!

When you use another app to promote your app, you are promoting to its large subscriber base. With more visibility comes better chances of more downloads.

Let’s understand the concept with an example.

cross promotion of apps

The image that you see above is a screenshot of one of my frequently used apps. I use this app to make and receive payments.

You can see the icon of a renowned online food ordering app, “Foodpanda.” I can pay directly to the online food-ordering app using this app. The idea is to make the process of ordering food

from that app easier.

Imagine, a person using the app but doesn’t use “Foodpanda.” He/she will see the icon and realize paying for the food will be easier. Naturally, he/she will be tempted to try the app!

When it comes to sure-shot results, cross-promotion can be one of the best app promotion ideas.

8. Promote your app on YouTube

I can think of two solid app promotion ideas when it’s about YouTube promotion.

They are:

  •    Create videos and give a downloadable link beneath the videos.
  •    Create a promotional video that viewers will see just before the video starts.

Let’s understand these two app promotion ideas with examples.

You can use the growing popularity of YouTube to your advantage. If you have a YouTube channel, you can give the downloadable link beneath the video along with your social media pages’ links.

Here’s an example.

App link on YouTube

In addition to that, you can also promote your app with a short video just before the video starts.

Here is an example.

App promotion on YouTube

Try these app promotion ideas on YouTube for better visibility of your app.

9. Use your email signature to promote your app

There are some effective ways to promote your brand using an email signature. There are many ways to promote your product using email signature marketing. Email signatures are now emerging as a new tool for marketing and promotion.

The idea is to use the space used for email signature to promote your brand.

When you launch an app, it could take months for your subscribers to know about it. However, those subscribers regularly get your emails. You can use your email signature to promote your app.

You can include the downloadable link to the app’s landing page to the email signature.

10. Use Quora to target potential users

Quora is a popular question and answer website where users ask questions, and other users respond to those. It’s a renowned platform to connect with people, ask questions, and get various quality and (sometimes) quality answers.

Quora can be an excellent place for you to promote your app. Sign up and keep an eye on the questions that are relevant or connected to the services you offer.

You can post your reply with a downloadable link to your app. Users can click on the link and download your app.

The example can help you understand better.

App promotion on Quora

11. Promote your app on Pinterest

Pinterest is a popular social network where users pin videos and images. Users can share as well as discover on others’ or own boards.

Pinterest categorizes boards neatly. If you see your brand(s) on another user’s board, it means they have shown interest in your product. Further, when another user views the board, you will know it.

You can put the images or pictures of your app on Pinterest with a downloadable link. Anyone who will be interested can download the app by clicking on the link.

Here’s an example.

App promotion on Pinterest

12. Use your app’s intro video to get more users

When a user searches for related apps, there is a chance that he/she might stumble upon your app too.

You should create an intro video that would speak about your app, how it’s used and most importantly, how it is better than other apps. The intro video can also be a tutorial video.

Intro videos are beneficial when it’s about gaining trust and establishing an app’s benefits.

Most of the popular apps create an intro video for their users.

Here’s an example.

Intro video for apps

13. Encourage users to give reviews and use them to promote your app

Some websites list the apps and their reviews.

Encourage your users to write reviews, and you can use the reviews to promote your app. However, keep in mind that your app doesn’t attract negative reviews.

Therefore, don’t compromise with the quality of your app. Positive reviews will attract many users and encourage them to download your app.

You can find many app review websites on “App Apes

14. Keep on updating your app regularly

People forget about the apps they have installed.

Sometimes, when people search for some related services or brand, search results reminds them that they already have it!

SERP showing installed apps

You know well that people may forget your app even though they have already installed it.

Therefore, app promotion shouldn’t be stopped just after it’s installed and one good way to do that is by constantly rolling out updates!

Moreover, your subscribers should know that you always try to make the app better; for them!

Apps that don’t make their presence felt will be uninstalled eventually.

Keep the app content fresh and updated. Simultaneously, let the subscribers know that you are always working on making their experience better

Request to update app

15. Use push notifications for app promotion

“Out of sight, out of mind,” it’s a saying. It’s true too!

Your goal shouldn’t be to get your app installed. Although there are many app promotion ideas to get it installed, you shouldn’t stop even after it gets installed.

Push notifications can be very useful when it comes to reminding your subscribers about your app.

Give regular reminders of offers and discounts with push notifications. It will encourage your users to engage with your app.

Push notification

16. ASO (app store optimization) for app promotion

App Store Optimization or just ASO can be very useful in your mobile app marketing.

In simpler terms, ASO is a process that improves your mobile app’s presentation in the app store or play store. It will help it your app rank high.

Your app is amazing and handy, but with proper ASO your app will get the deserved ranking. Know the fundamentals of ASO first, to start using it and before you start implementing the app promotion ideas.

It will certainly enhance your app’s presentation and ranking in the app store.

17. QR codes can be an effective promotional tool!

Our generation can be called the “smartphone generation.”

Almost all of us use smartphone apps to book cabs, movie tickets, air tickets, order food, and what not.

One of the most useful thing that one can do with an app is to make payments.

Making payments using an app has revolutionized the overall payment system. Even for someone who’s not using an app to make payments, you can promote your app!

You can offer easy payment options on your app, but the most visible and useful way to do that is with QR codes.

A leading payment app “Paytm” is gaining popularity with this technique.

Almost every shop in Indian cities is using them.

Paytm QR codes

Imagine a person who hasn’t installed the app or not using the app; it can be a useful promotional idea!

When he/she sees people around him using it, naturally the person would want to try it. It will attract attention and encourage more people to install and use the app.

Final words

The most important tip: Please make sure your app is user-friendly!

Eventually, people will download your app, but if it fails to perform well, it will be uninstalled eventually.

Therefore, if you create an app for your business, make sure it’s good.

Remember that competition is fierce and to ensure you stand out, you need to promote your app effectively.

There are more app promotion ideas, but I have chosen these 17 ideas because they are proven and effective.

The given 17 app promotion ideas for your app promotion are time-tested and got better results for many businesses.

The 17 app promotion ideas are the best ways to market an app. Some of them are free app promotion ideas as well

Last but certainly not the least, understand your audience and craft your mobile app promotion ideas accordingly.

Share with us your success stories or experiences with mobile app marketing.

Share some mobile app marketing ideas with our readers and us.

Tell us your ideas on how to promote an app.

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