11 Powerful Reasons Why You Need Email Signature Marketing!

Email signature marketing is a simple concept with a remarkable promotional ability.

A professional email signature can give you a marketing opportunity as well.

Here’s an interesting fact for you:

In an article published by Forbes, a corporate employee sends out an average of 38 emails daily (Source: Radicati’s Email Statistics Report). Imagine, if the number of employees in a company is 50, sending out business emails for total 250 days, then there will be a total of 475000 total sends! You can imagine the brand awareness and visibility email signature can help that company get.

Before we go deep into the topic, let’s quickly summarize what is email signature marketing.

Email Signature Marketing

What is email signature marketing?

You already know that your subscribers receive a lot of emails every day. If your subscribers get an email that doesn’t sound mechanic but instead gives a personalized feel, it will engage them. That’s when the personalization of emails come in! Know how you can make your emails awesome using personalization strategies to engage your subscribers. However, did you imagine you can also personalize your email signature and make it work for you?

The idea is to use the email signature space and make it useful.

With signature marketing, you can use the outbound personal emails of your company for promotional purposes. It leverages business emails that you send out.

Let’s understand the concept in simple terms:

You and your colleagues send out hundreds or thousands of business emails every day to your users. Imagine how many emails you will send in a year. Millions! You can use the bottom space of the emails, which goes unused generally, to market your company or anything you want to advertise or promote.

The idea is to leverage the unused space in emails to your benefit.

Below is an example of a business email signature.

You will see that the email signature contains all the necessary details of the sender, his designation, and his contact details along with the name of the company. The sender wants to add more weight to his email signature by highlighting his company name.

You will notice that the email signature talks about the company’s latest achievements as well. It helps the recipient to know more about the company and its status.

email signature examples

The basic idea is to make the email signature look more professional and at the same time serve the purpose of a brand reminder as well.

How can your email signature be an effective marketing tool?

Let’s start with the most apparent thing about email signature marketing. It can ensure an overwhelming open rate because there is a pre-existing relationship in the first place and its personal mail communication email also being used for promotional purposes!

Remember, your business or company email signature can fetch you a definite business.

When you are absolutely sure that your recipient will open your emails and read, you can achieve a lot! You can use this feature to your advantage. It will help you build trust and confidence between you and your readers.

Here are some powerful reasons why you need email signature marketing.

Reason 1: Promote new products or new features of your product

One of the primary objectives of any business email is a clear description of benefits. You need to convey your message to your readers very clearly. You should not waste their time by beating around the bush!

Your message should be crisp and concise.

Your readers will notice your email signature because it contains your contact details! You can use some space in it to promote or market your campaigns.

The screenshot below shows how the sender used the corporate email signature block to promote their online and mobile services. It says very clearly what benefits the readers will get.

The sender used the space very intelligently with images and short texts.email signature examples


Reason 2: You can connect with your readers on social media platforms

You can include your social media accounts links in your email signature. People can follow you on various social platforms and which can in-turn improve the engagement with your brand.

Below is an example where you can see the sender is asking people to follow them on social platforms.

email signature examples

Reason 3: You can promote your events

You can use your email signature to raise awareness and promote your upcoming events. You can mention an upcoming event in your email signature. Further, it is an excellent way to promote the event organically and get more people to join. It is a subtle and efficient way to raise awareness too.

Below is an example. I created the email signature to show you how you can highlight an upcoming event.

email signature examples

Reason 4: You can promote your YouTube video

If you have a video that you want to promote, your email signature can instantly make your readers notice it.

You can get more subscribers, shares, and views by just including your YouTube video app in your email signature or by giving a link to your YouTube video. It will help you in promoting your YouTube channel and videos by many folds in a single click.

Below is an image created just to show that you can optimally use your email signature to promote your YouTube videos.

email signature examples

Reason 5: You can promote your latest blog post

Now you can use your email signature as a reader-magnet!

You send many emails in a day. Those can be an effective tool and attract people.

Wondering how?

You can use your email signature to attract more readers by including the link to the blog where you have published your latest blog post.

Below is an example where you can see the link to my latest blog post.

email signature examples

Reason 6: You can promote contests

Are you planning to organize a contest soon?

Or maybe you are hosting a quiz show to promote social awareness!

You can use your email signature to highlight or promote it. It will undoubtedly help you in spreading the word. You will also be able to raise awareness among your target audience.

Let’s take a look at the example given below. It is an image created just to show how you can promote a contest in your email signature.

email signature examples

Reason 7: You can promote your upcoming webinars

Whether it’s a seminar, workshop, lecture, or presentation, you can increase the engagement with your email signature!

Sounds interesting?

Here’s how you can do it.

You can include a link in your email signature to promote upcoming webinars.

It can undoubtedly serve as a useful tool to get you more viewers.

Given below is an image that will show you how you can use the email signature to promote webinars.

email signature examples

Reason 8: You can do a survey or ask for feedback

You send emails every day. How many you think you send out? Ten? Fifty? Hundred? Each email that you send out can be an opportunity to understand your readers.

Use your email to ask for feedback and improve your customer service or client relationship, etc.

See the example given below. It is a recreated image that can be used to demonstrate how you can add a survey to your signature.

email signature examples

Reason 9: You can promote your sale event

Are you planning a sales event soon?

Do you have something that can convert traffic into sales? Maybe Yes!

It’s your email signature.

You can use your email signature to promote sales events.

Here is an example that is created just for you!

You can see how the email signature is used to promote a sales event.

People who have kids will be hooked on the “70% sale” and will give it a try.

It will also encourage people to buy because it has something for them too.

email signature examples

Reason 10: You can promote your app

There are millions of apps in Appstore & Playstore! Driving installs is not an easy task!

Moreover, how do you promote your app? Here’s an excellent idea:

You can include your app link in your email signature.

Additionally, you can include icons of the mobile phone play stores where your app is available.

Users can download it directly just by clicking on the images/icons.

Given below is a recreated image just for demonstration.

email signature examples

Reason 11: You can showcase your store

If you are an owner of a newly launched store, you can use your email signature to promote your shop/store. You can offer people lucrative offers, coupons, etc. and it will also increase your footfall

Here is a recreated image for you to understand.

email signature examples

Final Thoughts

Email signature marketing is not just your online business card. It is a high-returning, low cost, and powerful marketing tool.

According to statista, the number of worldwide email users in the year 2017 was 3.7 billion and the figure would rise to 4.1 billion by 2021!

In case you are thinking that email marketing is dead; email marketing is not dead! It’s an email marketing myth. It’s alive and kicking. Know what are the email marketing myths that are stopping you from realizing email marketing’s true potential. Before realizing the full potential of email signature marketing, know how incredible email marketing can be, and of course, know what are the email marketing facts and myths. It’s only when you have a clear idea about email marketing, you can realize how effective can your email signature be!

Email is presently the most preferred medium of communication in businesses. Moreover, it is an opportunity for you; you can take advantage of your signature.

A well-designed and crisp email signature will help in improving your business. Additionally, it is also capable of leaving a lasting impression in the minds of your readers.

You just have to make sure that you do it right!

So what do you think of this post on email signature marketing?

Let me know if you have some awesome business email signature, company email signature or corporate email signature examples and email signature ideas.

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