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our story

We began our journey in 2006 by launching Way2SMS, India's first free SMS web portal, and providing mobitizements in every SMS sent via Way2SMS is our first venture in marketing services.

Acquiring around 10 million loyal users for Way2SMS, in 2009, we started with display advertising in the web portal, which eventually became the power house for online advertisers in India.

In 2010, we entered Email marketing services with the opt-in data of over 20 million users and acquired 160by2 in 2012, extending our user base to 32 million.

From 2012, we started building automation technology for Email and SMS marketing services extensively. Also, we ventured into multiple online business segments like E-commerce, daily deals, market research, online education and gratification apps, etc. which has given us strong hold on Indian audience data and preferences, beside unconventional marketing capabilities.

Innovating many other flagship b2c products like Way2News, Learnsocial, etc. by 2016, we acquired more than 100 million unique opt-in audiences across the country.

Leading our way to Martech, besides intensively scaling up our Email and SMS marketing technology, we developed programmatic technology for real-time display campaigning.

By deploying AI to the millions of data points tracked every day in 3000 plus granular level targeting parameters, we developed sophisticated intelligence to analyze and predict the propensity of our massive audience base in real-time.

And finally in 2017, by integrating data intelligence with audience sets & marketing channels, we launched Way2target as the internal audience marketing platform with both DMP & DSP capabilities, which empower brands to connect with their most targeted audience segments at scale.

Today, with more than 100 million audience data, Way2target has transformed into largest self-served audience cloud, helping thousands of marketers across India for creating highly engaging marketing campaigns across multiple channels.

And, we believe it's just the beginning!

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